Yankee Candle Scent ListYankee Candle Company has over 35 years of candle making experience. Yankee Candles are THE scented candle “Pioneers” of the candle world and the #1 brand in America as well as across the globe.

Yankee Candles offer scented candles, votives, and melts carefully crafted using only the finest candle materials and fragrance oils. Yankee Candles also offer a wide variety of candle accessories for just about ever decor.

Yankee Candles are available in just about every mall across the country as well as Halmarks, Bed Bath & Beyond, Linens & Things just to name a few… This is THE #1 candle company in the world with stores in every state and across the globe.

It’s our mission to review every fragrance on Yankee Candles scent list. Not sure how long that will take but we’re going to try. Below is the list of reviews we’ve completed so far. You can also search our blog CandleScoop for more Yankee candle reviews as well as their complete scent list which took Andrea a very long time to complete. That is a great reference point.

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