Kringle Candle Company

We have a weakness for beautiful websites and equally gorgeous candles and oh my goodness does Kringle Candle seriously keep me drooling when I browse their site. I love everything about it from the elegant design to their vivid pictures… it lures me in every time.

Kringle Candle Company has a pretty cool background. The founder Mike Kittredge started Yankee Candle. YANKEE CANDLEKringle-candle-logo folks. He literally started it from scratch when he was 16 from crayons he received as a Christmas present when he was little. Who would have thought? If you ever  question the American dream… look to this story. Seriously! From there his company grew into the booming company it is today and in 1998, Mike sold Yankee Candle to retire. Fast forward to 2008… Mike’s son, Michael Kitterage III wanted to pursue that dream again and together, they created Kringle Candle Co.

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This page will house all of Candlefind’s official Kringle Candle reviews. We’ll be reviewing a lot more which I’m excited about since I’m really enjoying the candles from this company.

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