Luxury Candle Reviews

Searching for reviews on luxury candle brands? There are so many companies too choose from so we know it can be quite daunting deciding which brand to try first. We don’t have many reviews posted but we’re working on it and can’t wait to explore them all.

There are so many factors that hold people back from trying luxury brands… price is the biggest one. They are expensive depending on the brand you select but trust me when I say they are worth the indulgence… even if it’s just once in awhile. Treat yourself…. you deserve it.

When deciding, I like to shop on websites that carry a variety of brands. My favorite site… Candles off Main but there is also Candle Delirium and Scents & Sprays. All three sites carry almost every luxury brand on the market which I appreciate since it allows me to purchase a variety of brands all at once… plus the free shipping is nice as well.

Below is a list of companies we’ve reviewed with more to come so stay tuned!