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Our BIG Christmas Review!

A joint review by Andrea,

Julia and Avery

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Introduction to our BIG Christmas Scented Candle & Melt Review:

They’re baaaaack! Andrea, Avery and Julia had such a fun time putting together our HUGE Halloween review that they wanted to join forces again for the most wonderful time of the year.

This festive season often brings some scents out from the woodworks – scents that surface only during the holidays and then are gone before you can say “Ho, Ho, Ho.” So you certainly want to make the best of it! But with so many options and so little time, what’s a nose to do? How about sit back, relax with that cup of cocoa, and let our busy elves introduce you to a world of possibilities.


Santa & Mrs Claus

Who better to kick off this holiday review than with Santa himself? Good ol’ St. Nick has to enjoy some scented bliss to keep him in a jolly mood. After all, he’s been gearing up all year for this extremely busy and hectic time. There are lists to check, presents to wrap, elves to supervise and reindeer to feed. But don’t you dare believe he does all this without any help. Mrs. Claus is sure to keep her own lists to keep everything smooth sailing. And she deserves her own scent recognition too.

Where does all this magic begin? Avery had to look no further than…Santa's workshop scented candle review


Santa’s Workshop

…from Scentsationals (Santa is coming to town with this warm fragrance filled with sweet hints of Italian bergamot pear, sweet tobacco, plum nectar, coriander, rich patchouli mint, creamy vanilla, soft sandalwood, and frankincense.)

Avery writes:

The first note I found was the sandalwood, and being a fan of this scent, I was hooked right up front. The next scent, and probably the strongest note, is the sweet tobacco. I envisioned Santa, not yet decked out in his red velvet, but dressed for woodworking, with a pipe in his mouth, his tools in hand, showing the elves how it is done! There is a little mystery scent – I kept sniffing to try to identify it…coriander? Yeah, I am going with coriander. It helps reduce the intensity of the tobacco, (which can be overwhelming at times) and adds a little citrusy finish to this very robust scent. Two cubes in a 24w melter…next time I will use one!

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With all the hustle and bustle, Santa has to take time to sit down and read all the mail that sits at his feet. Children big and small from the world round send Santa their Christmas wishes. Julia knows this all too well as she found the scent…

Dear Santa scented melt review from Crosscreek Country CandlesDear Santa

…from Crosscreek Country Candles (All I want for Christmas is my candy canes dipped in vanilla bean noel. A Crosscreek Country Candles Exclusive Blend)

Julia writes:

Not to be outdone by their It’s a Noel Holiday scent, Dear Santa blends the holiday favorite Vanilla Bean Noel with peppermint candy. The peppermint in this blend is center stage with the famous vanilla in the background. I found this blend to be a happy pick-me-up scent that put a pep in my step. If your Dear Santa wish is for a little more energy in your day, this scent will do the trick.

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Andrea discovered a…

Reindeer and Elves

Mr. and Mrs. Claus aren’t the only busy bodies right now at the North Pole. Santa’s helpers are making many of those toys that gleeful children find under their Christmas tree. Reindeer can be found working out getting ready for their biggest night of the year. What a joyful time!

On Dancer, on Donner, on Prancer and Vixen. Those playful reindeer keep in shape by all their silly reindeer games. Andrea went on a lark and found…Reindeer


Reindeer Games

… from Pink Flower Scents (Juicy scent of pear and currants on a sweet creamy background.)

Andrea notes:

We all know reindeer like to play games, but with our scents too? This is an exclusive blend for Pink Flower Scents and it did play games with my nose. I detected no juicy pear notes. I thought I sniffed some subtle rose. Maybe that was meant to be the currant, but it was a definite floral to me. I love floral scents but it just wasn’t what I was expecting. A great throw, nonetheless and this one had a bit of staying power.

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Andrea also tried…


Reindeer have to be sure to watch their waistline – they certainly can’t weigh that sleigh down! But as hard as they work they do deserve a goodie every now and again. That’s why Julia pulled out some…

Reindeer Treats

… from Spotted Hog Candles (Sweet sugar cookies, marshmallow fluff and vanillaReindeer treats scented candle review frosting).

Julia told us:

Santa’s reindeer get all the best treats, and they should, considering how hard they work on Christmas Eve. These treats from The Spotted Hog would be sure to make any reindeer happy. This scent smelled just like those little pinwheel candies with cream frosting swirled into caramel taffy. Every time I walked past the melter, I had to stop for a close up whiff of this sweet scent. The two ounce melt lasted for hours and had a medium scent throw in my home.

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Don’t think it’s just reindeer that have all the fun! Elves have a mighty good time too and soon find themselves famished. Julia discovered…

Elf Treats

… from Crosscreek Country Candles (The most delectable peppermint bark layered with vanilla butter fudge~these are twoincredible scents blended together that will make the elves giggle with joy andthanks! A Crosscreek Christmas ElfCountry Candles Exclusive Blend).

Julia tells us:

Give those elves a treat. You know they deserve one. I happen to know first hand, the elf that’sbeen helping Santa at our house all these years loves anything fudgy andsweet. Elf Treats is a mixture of peppermint bark andvanilla butter fudge… Fudgy sweet jackpot! Either one of these scents would be good on it’s own, but together theyare incredible. The mint is mild, thefudge is buttery and smooth, and there’s a smidge of cocoa in the background. This scent was really nicely done. I could see my reorder list growing withevery Crosscreek Country Candles melt I tried.

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If you’re at the North Pole, no doubt you’ll be walking in a Winter Wonderland. Many places around our beautiful nation couldn’t imagine Christmas-time without snow, while many just find themselves wishing for a white Christmas.

One of the benefits of having the powdery stuff is the ability to make a jolly snowman. Nipping at her nose, Julia found…

Frosty the Snowman

… from Crosscreek Country Candles (Peppermint bark coated with a rich gooeyFrosty the snowman scented melt review layer of marshmallow, it’s sure to warm Frosty’s heart and yours. A Crosscreek Country Candles Exclusive Blend).
Julia notes:

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched Frosty the Snowman, but I’m sure you can relate. Most of us have grown up with the familiar song and cartoon greeting us as soon as December nears. Any scent that references this beloved snowman starts off on the right foot with me. Here is a candy sweet scent with layers of cocoa and peppermint. The marshmallow softens the whole scent and makes it smell creamy somehow. The cocoa doesn’t overpower, but instead is there just enough to make Frosty the Snowman playful. Don’t worry if Frosty melts one day, he’ll be back next year with that special Christmas snow.

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Andrea took a break from the traditional greenery for…

Holiday Places

The North Pole isn’t the only place you’ll find some action this time of year. There will be festive celebrations in village squares, brightly lit homes, street parades and people roasting chestnuts by an open fire while all toasty in their cabin. No place is really off limits for a little bit of holiday cheer.

Julia stayed with Crosscreek Country Candles to find…


It’s A Noel HolidayEggnog scented candle review

… (Vanilla Bean Noel spiked with creamy eggnog, inviting holiday cheer to all. A Crosscreek Country Candles Exclusive Blend).

Julia joyfully says:

Vanilla Bean Noel and eggnog is truly an inspired scent combination… fabulous. This blend from Crosscreek Country Candles takes the classic smell of Vanilla Bean Noel and adds a kick of spicy eggnog. Not a lot, but just enough to perk up a familiar scent and make it new again. I got a medium, long lasting throw from this melt. Thumbs up.

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Christmas Carols 

One of the best ways to get in the holiday mood is to sing a few bars of a well known Christmas carol. Our reviewers put their noses to the grind to bring us these cheerful scents.

Julia started us off with…

Heaven & Nature Sing

…from Cleanse Your Soul (Tart black cherries blended with creamy nutmeg and Christmas Carolerseggnog.)

Julia said:

Cleanse Your Soul has got a big selection of holiday scents. This one called Heaven & Nature Sing is a wonderful cherry scent with a background hint of spicy creamy nougat. This was a good, natural spiced cherry. The melt put out a lot of scent that filled a medium sized room. The eggnog complimented the cherry well, making the scent sweet without being syrupy. The scent didn’t bring the Holiday season to mind for me, but it was a good blend and would work year round.

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Feeling her vocal cords warming up, Julia launched into…

Joyful & Triumphant

Eggnog scented melt review…also from Cleanse Your Soul (Eggnog w/ extra cream, accompanied by a vanilla buttercream frosted sugar cookie)

Julia sang the praises of this one:

The name of this scent made me chuckle. “Blast this Christmas music. It’s joyful AND triumphant.” ~ The Grinch. All I could think about while testing this scent was that silly quote from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It’s one of my favorite holiday movies and we watch it every year. The joyful part of this scent was the creamy rich eggnog. After smelling this eggnog in the house all day, I now have to get some of the real thing this year. The triumphant part of the scent was the buttercream frosted cookie. Holy moly! With these two decedent scents mingling in the same melt it was impossible to feel the least bit Grinchy around here. This scent straight out made me hungry for sweet treats to eat and drink. Dangerous.

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Wanting in on the action, Avery started up…

Silver Bells

…from Scentsy (Icy peppermint candy canes dance over warm and welcoming pear and crisp apple, all enveloped in a velvet blanket of caramel and vanilla sugar.) Silver bells scented melt review

Avery noted:

Pink Sugar lovers, rejoice! As hard is it is for me to believe, Scentsy has managed to come up with a Christmas fragrance that will appeal to lovers of this blend, one that does not contain “pink” in the name! (You pink sugar lovers just can’t get enough of this scent, can you?) The notes that stand out to me are the caramel and the vanilla sugar, but here is the twist in this – I also pick up a soft icy mint that turns this scent into a holiday celebration! This soft gray scented tart has a good throw – about 2 rooms worth using the Scentsy melter. The scent easily lasted for 8 hours.

Visit the main Scentsy site


While traditional Christmas carols are tons of fun, Julia decided to try a twist on an old favorite:

Pink Jingle Bells

…from Crosscreek Country Candles (Dashing thru the snow~smellinglike pink sugar~berries and sweet vanilla~and laughing all the way… ha ha ha! A Jingle bells scented melt reviewCrosscreek Country Candles Exclusive Blend).

Julia told us:

Jingle all the way! Here was a fun pink sugar blend with berries and vanilla added in. I was skeptical about whether or not I’d be able to smell the extra notes of berry and vanilla, but I did. It’s certainly a mainly pink sugar scent, but I could smell the extra vanilla in the scent and the berries too. Crosscreek Country Candles did a beautiful job of making these jingle bells jingle. The scent easily filled my medium sized room.

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