Swan Creek Candles

Swan Creek Candle Co is a brand I’ve always enjoyed but rarely indulge in. I don’t know why that is considering this company makes some pretty darn YUMMY fragrances. Well, I’ve decided I’m going to remedy that. I ended up purchasing a ton of new scents to review in both candle and drizzle melt form and so far, I’m in love. Some scents are pretty light, some stronger but the consistent part I love about this brand…. every scent smells authentic and good enough to eat. That’s the most important element to me. If the candle is light, I simply move it to a smaller room. Easily remedied.

You can tell their wax is pure soy from it’s crumbly and soft texture and Swan Creek is so great at presentation. They offer quite the selection is style candles and sizes and their drizzle melts are just as darling. Definitely check out this company out if you’re searching for a new soy brand to try. You won’t be sorry.

This page will house all the Swan Creek candles I review in both candles and melts. First up… Le Petite Macaron. Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!!