mia bella candle 1

By Christina Rylan

Brand: Mia Bella Candles

Type: 16oz medium candles 

Maple Syrup
Japanese Pear
Key Lime Pie
Melon Margarita
Slate and Stone

Cost: $19.95


Introduction to my Mia Bella candle review: 

I have been wanting to try a Mia Bella candle for quite a few years now. I cannot count how many reps have contacted us wanting to send product for review but because this is a demonstrator based company, we could never accept. Our policy is to link to the main company page only, not individual demonstrator sites. Well, I finally broke down and purchased a variety of fragrances to review and I’m really excited to get started.

This is an interesting company and I may be wrong but every time I’ve gone to a demonstrator site to look around and possibly purchase, the prices vary from each rep so I don’t know if they set their own prices or what? I ended up finding a rep on Ebay who had some pretty good specials going so I purchased five different medium sized candles to test.

Keeping it real… I don’t think these are the most attractive candles on the market compared to other brands but that’s not usually a selling point for me anyway. Especially since I review them professionally. Wax –  I’m really not sure what kind of wax these candles are. The wax looks crystallized much like palm wax but I couldn’t find any info on many of the sites I browsed. The info I’ve found just says… “made from natural and renewable sources,” which could be any number of things in my book. The medium sized jars I purchased are standard apothecary jars with dome lids and have 2 wicks (which I prefer) but this company does offer a nice variety of scents and styles, even bath & body so I’ll probably be purchasing more to review down the road.

I’ll review each fragrance separately linking them to this page for easy reference. 

First up…. Maple Syrup – YUM!!!! I seriously could not resist burning this one first. It smelled amazing!

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