Gold canyon vanilla scents

by Carolyn O’conner

Brand: Gold Canyon Candle

Warm Vanilla Sugar
French Vanilla & Buttercream

Type: Small candles

Scent Strength: Medium


Introduction to my Gold Canyon candle review…

I got the best Christmas present from Christina a couple weeks ago. She sent me 18 scented candles from Gold Canyon Candle Co. I’ve never tried anything from Gold Canyon before, so I was thrilled to say the least. After I opened the package and saw what she did, I had so much fun going through all Gold canyon vanilla scentsthe candles and reading the scent names to see what kind of fragrances she chose for me. Since she and I know each others candle secrets, she knows I’m a sucker for bakery scents, so she sent me almost every single bakery type scent she thought I would enjoy. What an awesome, thoughtful and FUN present!

I’m in the mood lately to get more Vanilla scent reviews on the site since it is the most popular candle fragrance of all time, so for this review, I burned three of my Vanilla-ie scented candles… Vanilla, Warm Vanilla Sugar and French Vanilla & Buttercream.



How did my vanilla candles from Gold Canyon smell?


I was really happy with this scent. It’s everything you could want out of a great vanilla. It’s creamy, rich, comforting and most importantly, authentic… it smells just like homemade vanilla pudding cooking on the stove or something. The scent strength was pretty good too for such a little container. I bet this scent in one of their big jars is awesome. If you’ve been looking for a mouthwatering, smooth, cozy vanilla candle, give this one a try. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.



HmmmmmmWarm Vanilla Sugar:

Sorry Gold Canyon, I don’t like this one at all. When I sniffed this scent, the first thing I thought was that it smelled perfumey, which I REALLY don’t like. I thought I should give it a chance other than just sniffing it, so I burned it for a while, but it was still just as bad in terms of the perfume quality. I had to blow it out soon after I lit it.

I felt like Warm Vanilla Sugar was bothering my allergies or something, so I started wondering if there was something floral in the scent… I’m allergic to flowers. I went on a Gold Canyon distributor site and guess what? The description is, “Sweeten the mood with the essence of vanilla and soft florals.” No wonder! I really don’t like floral scents… pew. If you like perfumey, floral type scents, you might like this one, but I’ll definitely pass. I didn’t really smell that much vanilla in this scent. I don’t really get why Gold Canyon is calling this one Warm Vanilla Sugar. I think they should rename it to something with flowers in the name.



French Vanilla & Buttercream:

This scent was kind of weak for my nose. For some reason, the flame was SO tiny. Don’t you hate when that happens? I don’t know why. I kept trimming the wick like I was supposed to, but as it Gold canyon vanilla scentsburned, the flame just got smaller and smaller…right down to the blue part of the flame. I guess this really affected the scent throw since I wasn’t smelling much. The weirdest thing happened though. I blew the candle out since I wasn’t smelling it and then a couple minutes later, I started getting a stronger whiff of the scent! I don’t know why that happened. I guess somehow I blew the scent up out of the tin or something? Anyway, it is a nice scent from what I could smell at that point. I don’t really notice a big difference though from their regular Vanilla I tried.

Just to let you know…I found out from Christina that this scent is only available in Gold Canyon’s pillars. If you try one of the pillars in this fragrance, I hope you have better luck with the flame. I’m not sure if the whole flame thing was a defect with my tin or if it has something to do with the scent itself.



Overall opinion of my vanilla Candles from Gold Canyon Candles:

If you want to try a nice Vanilla from Gold Canyon, go with the regular Vanilla. In terms of scent alone, I don’t think you can go wrong with that one. I wish I could give you more of an accurate review of what the scent strength for these fragrances would be like but I can’t obviously since I just sampled them in their smallest candles. I feel like I can probably give you some assurance though. I know that Gold Canyon is one of Christina’s all time favorite candle companies. She’s burned just about every single scent they have. Since she’s a huge Gold Canyon fan and she always prefers a strong scent throw from the candles she enjoys, I’m sure the jars have a decent scent throw….we can trust Gold canyon vanilla scentsChristina’s candle expertise. 🙂

If you’re a total nut over anything with Vanilla in it, Gold Canyon does offer other Vanilla fragrances as well that you might want to try including Cinnamon Vanilla, Orange Vanilla and Blackberry & Vanilla.

Important note on buying from Gold Canyon Candle Company…

I wanted to link you right to the main Gold Canyon Candle site so you could buy them there, but I checked and they don’t sell candles directly on the site. Gold Canyon is one of those candle companies that sell candles through independent distributors. If you want to buy some of their candles, I suggest you either search for a local distributor on the main Gold Canyon site or just go to and type in Gold Canyon Candles. There are a ton of Gold Canyon distributors that sell them on their own individual web sites. You can find some on eBay too, but I would search Google first.

I didn’t really want to just pick one Gold Canyon distributor and send you all to them to buy, so to be fair, I’m not choosing one distributor’s web site to link to. Don’t worry… they’re very easy to find…the candles are for sale everywhere online and there are many distributors around the country just waiting to help you.

Happy Shopping!

Carolyn 🙂

Click here to find your local Gold Canyon distributor.

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