Chesapeake Bay Candles are found in a wide variety of department stores such as Kohl’s and Target and boy do they have a huge variety and styles to choose from. I’ve been purchasing all of mine at Target which seems to have the largest selection. As soon as I walk down the candle aisle, I park myself there for a good hour just smelling all the fragrances this company carries. A huge shelf lining an entire aisle was dedicated to Chesapeake Bay just to give you an idea of how many different styles there are. I was in candle heaven!

Chesapeake Bay does have a website where you can browse all their collections but you can’t purchase anything from their website… they strictly sell to stores so if you wanted to try this company out… you’ll have to head to Target or Kohl’s.

This page will house all our Chesapeake Bay reviews I purchase to review and boy do I have quite the collection now. I’m so excited!!

Up first…. Lemon Macaroon.