Did you know Big Lots carries a ton of scented candles? I knew they carried some but not an entire aisle full. About 2 months ago, a Candlefind reader contacted me asking my advice on Paula Deen candles from Big Lots and I had no advice to give since I hadn’t purchased any before. #1, the closest store to me is an hour away and #2, I assumed all the candles they sold were closeout brands, including Paula Deen. Boy was I wrong. I finally went into one of their stores and ended up spending a good hour in their candle section smelling all their scented goodies and walking away, or carting away I should say with an enormous amount of candles to test out. It was one of those moments where I was “A”- embarrassed checking out since I purchased half the candle section and it took the checkout guy 20 minutes to wrap it all up. “B”-  Secretly preening and rubbing my hands in GLEE at my bountiful “Candle Finds.”

And prices.. holy cow!! CHEAP!! A lovely word to all candle lovers on a budget.

An entire section was dedicated to Paula Deen candles and I’m pretty sure I ended up buying 1 of each scent (at the very least) – every fragrance was bakery themed and smelled beyond authentic and mouth watering. Too die for mouthwatering.

Her brand (I found out) is sold through Big Lots so they’re not close outs….. good to know since I’m pretty sure I’ll be back for more if these prove to be as good as they smell.

This page will house all of the official Paula Deen candle reviews. Links to each scent found below.