I was really impressed with the candle selection at Big Lots. I don’t get to one of their stores very often since the closest one to me is over an hour away but oh my goodness… when I finally did… I spent a good hour in their candle aisle smelling all their candles.

Have you seen their candle section Candlefinders? It’s pretty decent. They carry a variety Yankee Candles, Paula Deen candles which is manufactured and sold exclusively for Big Lots stores, plus a variety of other brands I haven’t heard of but smells pretty decent and strong. I was in candle heaven.

And the prices….. AWESOME!!!! The most expensive brand is Yankee but the majority of the others average $7 dollars or less. That’s pretty good!! Especially if you’re on a budget.

Below are all the candles reviews we do of candles we purchase at Big Lots stores.