St. Patricks Day Melt Review


St Patricks Day Review from, the site for candle lovers

by Avery Jordan

Type: Melts

Companies Reviewed:
Redneck Candles: Leapin’ Leprechaun Tart – clamshell $3

Dan and Sharon’s Candle House: 4 Leaf Clover Tart – 6 for $4.95

Crosscreek County Candles: Irish Dream Cake Tart – $1.00

Tuscadero’s: Green Irish Tweed Tart – 3 for $4

Cinnamon Creek Country Candles: Peppermint Patty Candle – $11.99

Strength: Most are strong!


Introduction to Avery’s St. Patricks Day review:

B’gosh and Begorrah…It’s St.Patrick’s Day!

It’s the day everyone is Irish! For scent addicts? It’s time for the smellin’ of the green!

Let’s review tarts from 5 vendors that have gotten into the spirit and made tarts and candles to fit the day. I have to say, I have no shame… I had to beg, borrow, and was really close to stealing these Irish scents from my candle pals. Fortunately, my smelly friends rose to the occasion and let me take their St. Patty’s unique scents – with some as-yet “undefined” payback in the future.


Leapin’ Leprechaun – by Redneck Candles

This vendor is an Etsy vendor. (And you can find them on Artfire as well.) The Etsy website is similar to most Etsy sites – there are shop announcements to wade through first before you get to the goods. The list of products is on the right, and scroll down, the pictures of their items are below the announcements. Redneck makes tarts, candles, and bath and body product. Oh – check this out – they also offer environmentally friendly laundry soap. That would make a fun review! Finally – I would look forward to laundry day.

What did my Leapin’ Leprechaun tarts look like?
I have a clamshell (pure soy in green – but you knew that, right?) and IRedneck Candles only used one cube in a tealight melter. The wax is a little crumbly, it sticks to my fingers when I scoop it into the bowl of my melter. The label is a brown, like it has been cut from a paper bag. It has a big star in the middle and the vendor name and fragrance in scripted writing.

St. Patricks Day Scented melt review,, the site for candle loversHow did my tarts smell?
Even the cold crumbly wax pieces sticking to fingers are quite strong! The scent on the website is described as:

“A soft fruit blend with floral undertones”.

To my sniffer, it is a strong blend that has notes that are sweet and mossy green with floral undertones. I searched for some fruit – but it
didn’t make an appearance for me.

I think this is the kind of scent a leprechaun would choose for their signature scent: it is a heavy, mildly earthy scent that could be familiar to those frolicking in the cool, damp, grass. The throw was impressive – it drifted out of the testing room, into the hall and started to bring scent into the family room. Even if you like really strong scents, take note – the room right around the melter was too intense for me.

How did they melt?

Fine – not a problem found. Again, 1 cube was all I needed and it lasted for 1 full tealight, so about three to four hours.

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4 Leaf Clover by Dan and Sharon’s Candle House

Dan and Sharon’s Candle House is sometimes called House of Soy, due to their website address. Confusing? A little, however that is not going to stop me from spending time at this site. Do you like to read4 leaf clover scented melt review by Avery,, the site for candle lovers scent lists? Silly question, I know! There are about a bazillion scents here and I have spent an embarrassing amount of time on that section of the site. Not to mention, they add new scents almost monthly to this already behemoth list. My heat races, just thinking about all they have to offer! The site has recently been simplified, and it is direct and to the point. No cute bears or gingerbread men here! Just products, lots of products. Candle makers – there are supplies for you, as well.

What did my 4 Leaf Clover tarts look like?

I have melted this vendor’s product before and that gives me more confidence, because these little green guys are sort of homely. They are scalloped tarts and tend to get the “bloom” that soy does, but it does not affect the performance.

I “borrowed” these from a friend, but I have ordered from this company before. The communication was great! One thing I noted was that the tarts must be ordered in lots of 6 which is too many for just testing scents. My friend said she was able to order 2 groups of “3”s, which is a better solution for new scents or if this is a new vendor for you, so be sure to ask for that option.

How did my 4 Leaf Clover tarts smell?

Dan and Sharon’s description from the website is:

A wonderful ozony blend of clover, green grass, with hints of fresh cut Wisteria.”
4 leaf clover scented melt review,, the site for candle lovers
This scent is not as heavy as the Leprechaun scent. It has a similar green note, but this one has a powdery soft fragrance instead of the more musty, heady scent earlier. The wisteria is noticeable, and it helps the balance the greens and ozone to make them feel less harsh.

How did my 4 Leaf Clover tarts perform?

My buddy warned me that these tarts were several months old, but my tarts from this company had held in the past, so decided to proceed. Whoo-wie! For being “months old” this little chunk of wax was powerful. I started it in a 15×15 room and that did not contain it. D&S say best results are from using a 24w melter – or the tart foams. (? ) So, even though I am a diehard tealighter, I pulled out the electric melter and popped in the tart to get that big scent.

But, gee, what would happen if I used the tealight melter? Would it really “foam”? (Of course you know what happens next…)

I tried it in a deep bowled Yankee tealight melter. Good news! I did not have a frothy mess! However, one little corner seemed like it was crawling up the side of the dish and then it hardened. It was not a big area, but I get the “foaming” part now. Also, I think the throw was better with the electric melter.

Visit Dan & Chery’s Candle House



Crosscreek Country Candles – Irish Dream Cake

This is a familiar name to many Candlefinders! Deanna makes paraffin melts – in about every form you could want: scallops, grubbies, primitives, clamshells, and specialty shapes. The site, with its flickering candles, is a cozy place to shop. Rustic decor and user friendly lay out also makes it a comfortable place to spend some time. Once again we have a nice long scent list – and the descriptions are well done

What did my Irish Dream Cake tarts look like?

Green! The wax has a nice smooth finish and Crosscreek’s scalloped tarts are nicely packaged. Each is in its little self-seal bag, clearly labeled with the scent.

How did my Irish Dream Cake tarts smell?

Here is the description:

“Irish Dream Cake-tickle me lucky charms and have a piece of Irish dream cake:) a blend of vanilla cake, chocolate and mint… a Crosscreek Country Candles Exclusive Blend.”

When this first started melting, it was mainly yummy vanilla cake…Irish Dream Cake from Crosscreek Country Candles, St patricks day scented melt review,, the site for candle lovers but not to worry, in a few minutes the minty scent started up too. I found it really interesting that the chocolate, though not a strong note in this blend, was very noticeable in the finish. Have you ever had a bundt cake that has liqueur in the batter? That is what this reminds me of – with a drizzle of chocolate glaze! Mmmmm!

How did my Irish Dream Cake tarts perform?

One tart, in a tealight melter scented a medium sized bedroom with enough scent to greet you when you opened the door. It lasted for about 3 hours.

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Green Irish Tweed type – Tuscadero’s

Tuscadero’s is a cute site for shopping – pink, purple and dragonflies make it feel feminine which, I believe, taps into the subconscious of us wee lassies and encourages us to shop! There is a large scent list on the left side (hooray!) and since this is strictly a site for tarts, it is easy to get shopping done. The flat rate shipping certainly encourages you to keep filling that cart. They also have an Ebay store that offers some pretty great deals as well.

(And, pet lovers, in case you have not yet done so… scroll all the way down on the home page, and check out the video of the canoodling dog and cat. If this does not make you smile…um, well… go drink more green beer. )

What did my Green Irish Tweed tarts look like?

You can get cups or scalloped tarts on the Tuscadero site. Clamshells are also an option. The tarts look high quality – a creamy soy blend wax that they prepare. The dies are vegan – and they are bright in color. My scalloped testing tart is a bright “Irish” green – reminding me of the color of St. Patrick’s Day shamrocks.

How did my Green Irish Tweed tarts smell?

You may know this as a dupe of the popular fragrance, a number one Green Irish Tweed scented melt reviewbest seller.

“Creed type – originally created for Cary Grant & later worn by Richard Gere & Robert Redford – lemon verbena, iris, violets, & sandalwood amber – refined gentlemen’s scent”

I did not expect to like the scent as much as I did! Somehow it manages to feel comfortable yet refined, a masculine green and woody scent. I swear this scent left me a wee bit weak-kneed! The top note is lemon verbena. The dry down of sandalwood levels it out and gives it depth, and keeps it from being top heavy with the citrus scent.

The throw from this tart was pretty strong – and for a cologne- it was initially more than I could handle! Once again, it was too much to be in the same room as the melter. After I walked a couple doors down from the tart burner, I got occasional wisps of that seductive fragrance – the perfect amount to remind me of its presence but not so much that it was too much of a good thing.

How did my Green Irish Tweed tarts perform?

Easy melting, no problems. I used one scalloped tart in the bowl and it lasted boldly for about 2 hours – then softer and easier on my nose after that. Scenting was about gone at the end of the tealight.

Visit Tuscadero’s

Visit Tuscadero’s Ebay Store



Cinnamon Creek County Candles – Peppermint Patty

No need to keep looking for that pot of gold, I found a candle-lover’s equivalent! My shopaholic friend, (there is a reason I like her), hearing that I was doing this review, ordered this adorable St. Patrick’s bakery candle – in a St. Patrick’s mug! The vendor is new to me, an Etsy vendor and from the looks of the site, with its scrumptious candlesPeppermint Patty scented candle review,, the site for candle lovers and melts with all types of embeds, I will be soon back there snooping around! Did I mention they also have adorable Easter Bunny Loaf candles? Did I mention over 400 scents?

What did my Peppermint Patty candle look like?

Cute! Cute! Cute! The candle was wrapped in a cellophane bag, and it was sitting on a bed of natural raffia. The bag was tied shut with a nice green and white shamrock ribbon. I wish I had two, I really didn’t want to tear this apart!

My candle was in an enamelware mug with Irish décor. It had white grubby frosting, a green wax shamrock and a tan wax prim sugar scoop on top, topped off with glitter. The front of this mug comes with a cute Raggedy “Luck o’ the Irish” sticker on one side and an Irish Blessing on the back. Another one of the cute green ribbons is tied on the handle.

How did my Peppermint Patty candle smell?

“A creamy blend of peppermint, vanilla and sweet chocolate”.

Cold sniff – I smell a strong sugary vanilla, then a blend of peppermint and chocolate as the smaller, final notes. I like it balanced this way – sometimes peppermint is too strong and it smells like toothpaste! The Peppermint Patty scented candle review,, the site for candle loversthrow when burning was light, about powder room strength. I would use this cute candle more for its good looks than its scenting , and in a the powder-size room, the scent from just sitting there was lightly noticeable.

How did my Peppermint Patty candle burn?

My soy Cinnamon Creek Candle burned nicely – no soot! It also did not tunnel. One thing I should have thought of, but it escaped me at the time I lit it – the grubby frosting was a little rounded at the top, so the initial wax pool dribbled down the side of the candle as it melted. (Which, of course, I scooped up and turned into a melt. Not bad throw for a little puddle of wax on a 17w warmer.) Once I directed the hot wax into the decorative sugar scoop on top, it stayed contained. There was a little carbon trimming needed on my wick.

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My final thoughts on my St. Patrick’s scent review:

You may not be able to catch that elusive Leprechaun, but you don’tSt Patricks day scented candle review,, the site for candle lovers need the luck of the Irish to find the perfect St. Patrick’s Day scent. Do you want to celebrate in the midst of mossy green meadow, with calorie-free confectionary scents, or with a hunka hunka burning love? They are all fun, they are all different – but one is sure to suit your taste!

Slainte! And happy candle smelling!

~ Avery

Companies Avery reviewed:

Redneck Candles

Dan and Sharon’s Candle House

Crosscreek County Candles

Tuscadero’sEbay Store

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