Andrea’s Halloween Scented Melt Review

Andrea's Halloween scented melt review 2009

by Andrea Haskins

Type: Melts

Halloween seasonal scents

Cost: $1-$2 each

Scent Strength: Varied


Intro to my Big Halloween Melt Review:

“Double, double toil and trouble,Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.” (Macbeth Act 4, Scene 1, 10-11)

Oh those witches were up to absolutely no good! And this would seem to be their time of year. All Hallow’s Eve. The Feast of the Dead. Samhain. Halloween. You’ll notice spooky sights, creepy music, tales of terror, scary (or not-so-much) costumes. And no matter what you call it, this seems to be a fun time for young and old alike.

Whether you will have a ton of fun or prefer to be chilled to the bone, Halloween is all about setting the mood. And what better way to help you in this quest than with some spooky scents? I’ve made a few pit stops and rounded up some fabulous melts to help you along the way.


Can Do Candles

Lessie’s Haunted House

What is Halloween without a Haunted House? Is that even possible? I don’t think so. When I think of haunted houses, I think of large forboding structures with empty Andrea's Halloween scented melt review 2009hallways, creaking floors, creepy sounds and secret doors. Who knows what you’ll face as you turn… the… corner… BOO!!

What would a haunted house smell like? I’m not really sure, but it’s a safe bet that Can-Do Candles will get it right. Can-Do carries a line of
scents that were the brain-child of Lessie (owner of now-closed Candle Haven). Haunted house is described as:

“Patchouli, pumpkin, secret spices and the faint scent of popcorn balls in the mix…add it all up and what do you have? HALLOWEEN!!”

Well, I can definitely say this was a mood-setting fragrance. The combination of spices and patchouli made for a dark, heavy fragrance. The scent throw was good – it filled a medium sized room without being overbearing. It was pervasive throughout the air – all I needed was some creepy music to go along! Not really my type of scent but a good one, nonetheless.

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Angel Scented Candles

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet

In medieval Britain and Ireland poor men, women, and children would go begging door to door for food on Hallowmas. In exchange, they would promise to say a prayer for the dead on All Souls Day. As time went on, the custom spread and changed and children primarily became the beggars. As they knocked on doors they would shout the Andrea's Halloween scented melt review 2009well-known phrase, Trick or Treat!

But what’s this about smelling feet? Monty Harper wrote a cute song about his trick or treater being a devilish little troll – and who wants to smell his feet? Or anyone else’s, for that matter. Angel Scented gives us a cute scent choice in Trick or Treat Smell My Feet: Ok, it’s just plain cute! Macintosh Apples are surrounded by ripe berries and a splash of citrus. Yum! Do you know any feet that smell this way?

Nevertheless, this scent was really, well – fruity-licious! The berries were a blast and the citrus came out to play every now and again. I’m not so sure about that apple. I really liked this one and I was pleased with the scent throw. And no trolls with smelly feet came knocking at my door – thank goodness!



Goblin Giggles

Ghosts and goblins and spirits, oh my! I guess if I had to choose, I’d go Andrea's Halloween scented melt review 2009with the goblins. They are considered mischievous creatures – somewhat annoying and quite the pranksters. I’m sure they would have plenty to giggle about on Halloween. Another cute offering from Angel Scented is:

“Goblin Giggles: Unique and fun, a must for Halloween and beyond! Fragrance begins with top notes of pumpkin, persimmon, and apple and completed by notes of blueberries, elderberries, currants, orange and cinnamon. “

Goblin Giggles is a light, fruity fragrance. The cinnamon and pumpkin keep it from being too sweet. I would say this was a good background fragrance – enough for you to know it was there tickling your nose. Or was that those darn goblins?



Going Batty

I’ve had a blast with this themed review. But truth be told – not much creeps me out. Wait – what did you say? Bats? Did you say bats? Ewww!!! Now THOSE creep me out! Maybe it’s the beady eyes, the webbed wings, or that whole sleeping upside down thing they have Andrea's Halloween scented melt review 2009going on. Not sure but man, I’m telling you: CREEP-EE!!

From Angel Scented Candles we have this scent description for Going Batty!

“An earthy, yet ozonic fragrance blend. This fragrance begins with top notes of ozone, fresh air, and white flowers; followed by middle notes of ylang ylang and tuberose; and well balanced with base notes of patchouli and musk. Simply batty!”

I’m a bit relieved to report that this was a very light fragrance. Somewhat clean and earthy but it was really hard to tell. I couldn’t smell much unless I had my nose right in the bowl. And I don’t plan on getting that close to any bats anytime soon!

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Sugar & Spice

Poison Pie

Helen Delamere knew something just wasn’t quite right about her husband. He kept preparing her food and seemed to have this menacing smile. But what about that delicious pie? Surely not! While the good old Mrs. Delamere didn’t partake, her nurse did. And soon Poisin Pie from Sugar & Spice, Andrea's big Halloween scented melt review,, the site for candle loversfell ill! I wonder what exactly was in that pie? I may have been tempted to have a huge slice if it was something similar to Poison Pie offered from Sugar & Spice:

“The aroma of freshly picked blueberries, fresh cut granny smith apples, smothered in butter, cream, and cinnamon, with a background of fresh baked crust.”

This scent was soooooo incredibly delicious! The predominant scent came from those delicious Granny Smith apples. Tart, crisp and yum! I could tell it wasn’t the only fruit in this sinister pie. The blueberries gave just the hint of sweetness needed. And the crust – oh my – the crust! Rich and buttery and just enough. May I have another piece, please?

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Closing to my review:

I see it’s close to the witching hour and time to close out this review. Andrea's Halloween scented melt review 2009,, the site for candle loversThe mood has been set, the costume on (I’m going as a Vampiress. You?), the candy ready and waiting at the door. As you can see, there are plenty of scent choices for you no matter what your mood this time of year. I hope you’ve enjoyed this baleful journey this evening. And I hope you have a Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat!

~ Andrea 

List of companies Andrea reviewed:

Can Do Candles

Angel Scented Candles

Sugar & Spice Gourmet Soy Candles