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Wondering what others think of certain candles and scents?  You’ve come to the place. We have several sections you can check out below that are full of helpful candle reviews. To start, below we have 10 different official reviewers  who share their opinions on all the candles we’ve tried. We have reviewed hundreds of companies from big brands to small. Each candle reviewer has their own page, candle reviews listed from newest on…

When you’ve had your fill of all our awesome reviews, LOL…

… Visit our Candle Review Board! Where candle lovers across the globe can write their own reviews of their favorite and not so favorite companies.

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CandleFind’s Candle Review Board

Our Candle Review Board is a place for all of you candle lovers out there to gather and share your honest opinions on your favorite and not-so-favorite brands of candles. Sharing your opinions is a great way to help other candle lovers, including the Candle Find team, find fabulous candles. It’s also helpful for all of us to read about candles that just don’t “do-it-for-ya.”

It’s our hope that through posting and reading reviews on the Candle Review Board, we can all help each other find great smelling, long burning, fabulous candles that will help lift our days beyond the tiring daily grind of life. 🙂