by Christina Rylan

Brand: Deco Candles

Type: 12oz Soy Blend Candles

Lush (Mango & Guava)
Eternity (Pure Lemongrass)
Love (Spiced Vanilla)
Revive (Green Apples & Lavender)

Cost: $21.95

Scent Strength: Medium


Introduction to my review:

Deco Candles is a new candle company I recently discovered that I‘m really excited to share with you. One of my absolute favorite aspects of reviewing for Candlefind is discovering new sites to explore and try. I love burning the candles (naturally) but it’s also fun learning about the company and the history behind the names. How did they start… what are each chandler’s passions and what inspired them to start making candles? Knowing the history behind each candle I burn makes it that much more unique and a one of a kind experience.

Deco Candles started in the home of Karen Lawrence… an investment consultant who traveled around the world as her job. Sounds pretty amazing… but success doesn’t always mean satisfaction… so with her entrepreneurial spirit and inspiration from a neighbor, Karen took a chance – she quit her job and started her own business from scratch… and Deco Candles came to life. After years of testing and with her final stamp of approval in 2008, she launched her company. You can now find her candles online through her website and indeco-candles-1 many Ritz Carlton and Hyatt Resort hotels across the country. If that’s not one heck of an endorsement, I don’t know what is. After learning that, I was really excited to try these candles!

Deco Candles offers a nice variety of sizes and styles from classic glass jars, pillars, travel tins to scented melts for those who prefer the non-flame option. You can also order their fragrances in reed diffusers, fragrance oils to burn in a melter or linen/room sprays. There was not a page (that I could find) on their website that lists their fragrances with descriptions… but once you go to a specific product page, in the drop down menu, the scents offered are listed with simple descriptions next to each scent.

Now came the hard part… picking out what scents to review. I naturally gravitated towards fruity and citrus scents… a creature of habit to the end. With my choices made and sent off, Karen immediately emailed me letting me know how similar all the scents I chose were “hinting” to make some changes. Taking her advice, I decided to jump out of my comfort zone and asked her to send me a variety of scents (her choice.) What fun and am SO glad I took the chance because every scent she chose was AMAZING!! Cold sniff on all 4 candles – wonderful!




What did my Deco Candles look like?

Deco Candles definitely have a luxury feel and look to them. Very classic, simple and elegant. The vessels are 12oz in a classic cylinder glass jar… the wax a pure milky white. The lids are a flat matte chrome that fit the candle snugly. I loved the labels! The labels on each candle are small and very simple and colorful. Each label was a different and bright color… see picture. I loved the style and presentation of these candles.



What did my Deco Candles smell like?


I loved this scent the moment I popped open the lid… it was so refreshing, sweet and fruity. The scent description for Lush is pretty simple…deco-candles-lush-1

“Mango & guava”  

To me, this candle was all mango… it reminded me of a tropical smoothie with a touch of effervescence. I am such a fruity girl and admit I mostly stick to citrus or melon scents so this was a nice change. Cold sniff was strong… delicious mangos… sweet and true. If Guava was in the mix, I was having a hard time picking it out.

I decided to light this candle in a small bathroom to start out… it took a few minutes to begin noticing the fragrance and boy… once I did, it was nice and strong. I could have easily moved this candle to a larger room but I kept it where it was since it’s a room close to my living area where we spend most of our time. I really wanted the full effect of this scent and oh my goodness did I ever. Lush was very tropical and fruity. The aroma traveled way beyond the room I had it burning in and smelled like sparkling and luscious tropical mangos.

This candle burned really well. Very slow burning which is great if you like your candles to last a long time. Rating this candle from 1 to 10 on scent throw (for a 12oz size candle) – I would rate this one an 8. I’m really glad I kept this candle in a smaller room though – the scent throw was amazing and strong!! A larger room would have dimmed the scent.

Two thumbs up for Lush! I would purchase this one again for sure.





Let’s start off with the scent description:

“Pure Lemongrass”

No elaborate descriptions needed with this one… this candle smelled exactly like a classic and fresh lemongrass. Eternity was one of my original picks and I’m so glad I stuck with this one. It’s a fragrance I’ll never get enough of, especially in the spring and summer months.

Lemongrass (when realistic) is so vibrant and pure. It’s not really a citrus scent, fruity or herbal – it‘s kind of in a class all by itself and hard to describe… but you know it as soon as you smell it.

Once I had Eternity burning – oh my goodness… LOVE – all caps!!! This fragrance is so uplifting! I lit this candle in the same small bathroom as I did Lush (Mango & Guava) and within a few minutes of lighting it, the bathroom was saturated with the refreshing scent of Lemongrass. After 20 minutes or so, I moved this candle to a bigger bedroom to see how it fared… and it was perfect in a bigger room! The aroma tapered down quite a bit but it was still vibrant enough to notice the moment you walked into the room. My entire bedroom smelled like fresh and sweet lemongrass. So vibrant and clean. LOVED Deco Candles’ version!

Scent strength – on a scale of 1 to 10, in a smaller room, I’d rate this one a 9, easily… in a bigger room, I’d give it a 7. This candle gave an awesome scent throw. HIGHLY recommend this candle! It will brighten any room and bring a big smile to your face.




This was a surprise candle for me – in a good way. I can see why Karen wanted me to try this one… it’s a really beautiful vanilla.deco-candles-love

Love is described as “Spiced Vanilla” which sounds simple and basic but let me tell you… this scent was *anything* but simple and basic. I was SOOOOO surprised how much I liked it. And intrigued. Cold sniff… I could tell right away this was a complex scent… it was sultry and sexy and could easily be worn as a perfume or body lotion.

As with the previous candles above, I started out small and lit this candle in a small bathroom. It was perfect and oh so strong. I could have easily moved this candle to a bigger room but I wanted room saturation so I left it where it was. After burning this candle for several days… the description of just “spiced vanilla” really doesn’t do this scent justice. The aroma didn’t smell spicy to me either. I smelled more of a smooth vanilla with hints of musk and cedarwood.

This scent is really beautiful and I’m sticking with my original thoughts… SEXY!! Every time I walked into my bathroom, I took deep breaths of this scent. Up close… this scent was vanilla and smoky cedarwood all the way. A beautiful and romantic fragrance!! If you love Victoria Secret as in… sexy type scents… definitely give this one a try… it’s gorgeous!



green-apples-and-lavender-candleGreen Apples and Lavender

I saved the most interesting candle for last. I think it was the name that intrigued me… apples and lavender. What an odd mix!!

Smelling this candle for the first time… very interesting. I could smell apples – clearly – with the lavender notes very subtle in the background. I liked it.

I stuck to the same bathroom to test this candle out… once lit, it took just a few minutes to start noticing the fragrance and what a pretty scent it was. I smelled a medley of apples and herbs. I couldn’t really make out lavender but what I did smell was really pretty… soothing and fresh.

This candle gave a nice medium throw in a small room…. a larger room – the fragrance would have dimmed quite a bit. So if you purchase this candle… I would recommend burning it in a smaller room.

Would I purchase this candle again? Yes, for sure. It was very different. If you are a fan of Lavender or herbally type scents… this is a must try. I really enjoyed it.



candle-flameHow did my Deco candles burn?

Lush, Lemongrass and Green Apples and Lavender burned perfect. All three burned clean with no wasted wax. Vanilla Spice struggled a little bit. This candle never reached a full melt pool which left some wax along the glass wall. As the candle burned, I was able to push the wax back into the melt pool using a wick dipper so in the end, nothing was wasted. Not a huge deal but something I always like to point out.



Closing to my review:Thumbs up girl4

I had a lot of fun with this review and really enjoyed all 4 candles I tried.

If I had to pick my absolute favorite of the bunch, it would have to be Lemongrass… this fragrance was absolutely amazing and SO fresh!! Lush was a close second – a yummy tropical summer scent. Green Apples and Lavender was the most unique of the bunch so if you’re after something fresh and unusual… this is one to definitely try. Vanilla Spice was sexy and a lovely sophisticated vanilla fragrance. I’m hoping the issues I had with this candle were isolated. I liked it enough to try it again.

I totally recommend Deco Candles… I love trying new candle sites and I have to say… this was an almost perfect experience.

Happy candle hunting!

~ Christina

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