Review: Fast shipping


    Well I have to say that this is the fastest shipping I have ever experienced from a candle company. It took just a few days to get my candles. I purchased Boysenberry, Pomegranate, Passion Fruit, Best Friends, Cotton Candy and Witches Brew. The only three candles I purchased that smell close to authentic were Witches Brew, Boysenberry (I think. This is my first Boysenberry Candle) and possibly Passion Fruit. I did not care for Cotton Candy, Best Friends or Pomegranate. These scents were not gross or anything they just didn’t smell true to me. I know many people who like this candle company a lot. Maybe if I had picked out some different assortment of scents I would have had a better experience. I have not burned any of these so I can not comment on the throw or burn.