Review: Best aromatherapy candle


    I found out about them through candle find which they reviewed aromanaturals as best aromatherapy candle. They’re right. I decided to visit whole foods around my job to purchase them to avoid paying any shipping and handling costs. Their pillars are highly scented no matter which scent you buy. I bought Tranquility(lavender), Vitality(peppermint and eucalyptus) and Ambiance(lemongrass and orange). They’re so strong that I can only light one candle at a time, to avoid over scenting. They all smell like their descriptions and do what they state on the box. Tranquility calms and arouses sleep. Ambiance arouses energy, and happiness, it prepares you in the morning for work and invites you to a beautiful sunny, vibrant day. Vitality receives you with a very minty, refreshing scent, ideal for stuffy rooms and noses, or just to scent the house with refreshing mint.