Review: A Cheerful Giver - Archive Review 1


    Over the past few years, I’ve received the 22 oz. Mama jars and the 34 oz. Papa jars as gifts and I’ve also purchased them at a local store. I love the look of these candles. The primitive black lid with a homespun ribbon and tag is darling, but my favorite is the classic copper lid without ribbon or tag. That copper lid is so pretty! I also like the fact that there’s no label on the glass so you can enjoy the flame to the fullest. I’ve only tried two scents, Maple Syrup Pancakes and Juicy Apple. If you like pancakes lavishly drenched in maple syrup, you’ll love Maple Syrup Pancakes! It is so authentic and really strong. I had to put it in the back room on occasion and simply let the scent waft into the main living area because it was nearly overpowering. So be forewarned, if you like a light background scent, Maple Syrup Pancakes may not be for you. I just loved it! Juicy Apple has been a favorite of mine for a long time. It’s the company’s number one seller and is probably the reason why I’ve only tried two scents so far. I keep buying Juicy Apple over and over again! This isn’t a “fresh picked off the tree” apple. There’s a bit of spice and a touch of peach, but it’s definitely not too spicy, at least to my nose. The star of this show is authentic, delicious apple and boy, is it terrific! My Keeper of the Light candles have always burned beautifully. No tunneling, no babysitting of wicks if they’re kept trimmed. I love these candles and there are definitely more in my future!