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Brand: Candle BreezeCandle Breeze Wickless Candle Review,, the site for candle lovers

Type: Wickless Scented Candle Air Fresheners

Fragrance: Orange Gingerbread
Mandarin Cinnaberry
Strudel and Spice
Wassail Cider
Country Apple

Cost: Large Candle Breeze is $44.99 with Cinnamon Cand-O included. You would have to purchase any other Large Cand-O fragrances separately for $11.99

Burn time: 60-80 hours of aroma from Large Candle Breeze, 30-50 hours of aroma from Small Candle Breeze

Scent Strength: Very Strong, Fragrance carries extremely well


Introduction to my review of wickless candle from Candle Breeze:

A growing trend today seems to be flameless candles. I have a friend with a 2 year old that is very interested in candles, but of course, it’s just too dangerous for him to have access to open flame. Many of us utilize candle warmers to melt jar candles or to use up wax that is left on the sides of a candle that has burned low in the jar, and of course there is the ever popular tealight or electric tart warmers. If you can’t wait to warm your next shipment of tarts or candles and you need instant gratification, there are even flameless candles available at many large name grocery stores, but a variety of fragrances are often not available. Candle Breeze is a company that adds a few new wax warming products, and a nice selection of scents to the mix (roughly 30 scents).

I don’t know what came over me and truly didn’t realize that I chose so many apple scents to review! Sorry if that bores anyone… but at least you can also read about Orange Gingerbread and Mandarin Cinnaberry… or better yet, maybe this review will put you in the spirit for autumn. Nothing reminds me of autumn or back to school time more than bakery and apple scents!



What do my wickless scented candles from Candle Breeze Look Like?

Candle-O from Candle breezeSince I live in a farmhouse, I had Candle Breeze send me their Large Candle Breeze, which looks similar to an oil lamp. The frosted glass globe sits on a gold colored base. Before you place the globe on the base, you insert a Cand-O into the base: a round tin that contains the scented wax which the base warms to fragrance your air. A “whisper quiet” fan then dispenses the scent of the heated wax into the air. A Cinnamon Cand-O is included with the Large Candle Breeze. Any additional Cand-O fragrances are ordered separately.

Candle Breeze (to help with the confusion of the products having the same name as the company, I will refer to the company for the rest of my review simply as CB) also carries a Small Candle Breeze, but not with the old-fashioned oil lamp look. The globes for the Small Candle Breeze lamps are available in either fluted or non-fluted, and you also have the option of a black or white base. One other wax warming product is available called CandleAire, but it would be too hard to explain, and I haven’t personally experienced the product. If you are interested in seeing a picture, be sure to visit the Candle Breeze website.



How did my wickless candles from Candle Breeze Smell?

Every fragrance I sampled was wonderful, and very, very strong. It took me a long time to finish this review because my husband couldn’t stand the strength of the fragrances. Of course, I thought the strength was perfect:0). Please be aware that the Candle Breeze units fill a very large area (2,500 square feet) and are very strong. If you or someone you live with are sensitive to strong fragrances, or if you want to limit a scent to a certain room, these products are probably not for you. On the other hand, if you think the stronger the aroma, the better, and if you don’t mind your entire home smelling the same, the large Cand-Os are great for filling an area with fragrance in about an hour (give or take a few minutes).

Here are some short but sweet thoughts of the scents I sampled from CB:

Orange Gingerbread

Gingerbread review,, the site for candle loversSmelled just like an orange gingerbread cookie! Too bad you can’t eat this wax:0). My only slight annoyance is that during shipping, oil leaked out of this particular Cand-O and the oil went everywhere. My Large Candle Breeze was packaged safely in a separate box, and the other Cand-Os were covered with plastic bags, so the oil didn’t actually damage anything, but it did make a significant mess. I emailed Deno Roumpos, the president of Candle Breeze, and he replied that, “the fragrance load exceeded what the wax could carry. I apologize. Typically when that happens it is caught before it can go out to the public.” Despite that little mishap, I would definitely recommend this mouth-watering fragrance!



Mandarin Cinnaberry scented candle review,, the site for candle loversMandarin Cinnaberry

I smelled more cinnamon than orange cinnamon, but I think the mandarin may have taken the edge out of the aroma of pure cinnamon. I’m not sure I smelled any berry either, but it was a great scent just the same. Perfect for fall.



Strudel and SpiceStrudel and Spice,, the site for candle lovers

Just the right combination of bakery, apple, and spice. YUM! This would make another delicious autumn fragrance, especially if you love bakery with warm apple notes. Speaking of autumn, CB also has Pumpkin Spice, Amaretto, Mulberry…sounds good to me! Anyone interested?:-)



Wassail Cider

This may remind me of autumn even more than strudel and spice. Just the right kick of apples and spice, it smells exactly like the cider you would buy at a corn field or pumpkin patch. Sorry for the weak description, I’m not sure what ingredients go into Wassail Cider. But this is more than apple cider. It’s cider with a punch, and it smells good enough to drink!:0)


Country Apple scented candle review,, the site for candle lovers


Country Apple

A traditional favorite that did not disappoint. Not too perfumy, not too much apple, just right. Maybe similar to Bath and Body Works Country Apple. An all around familiar scent that makes your home smell inviting no matter what the season.



How did my wickless candles burn?

Well, obviously this does not apply, but I do have an opinion about the color of the light bulb in the Large Candle Breeze. Perhaps it is the only kind of bulb the company can order, but the color of the bulb is orange. I found that, especially when a room was dim or dark while the Large Candle Breeze was turned on, the flickering orange light personally reminded me too much of Halloween. Some friends of mine from out of town noticed the aroma of the Large Candle Breeze as soon as they entered my home (with positive comments!). When I showed them the globe, without any input from me, they asked, “why is the bulb orange,” and “doesn’t it remind you of Halloween?” Of course, the color of the lightbulb in no way affects the actual purpose of the unit. If CB could find a yellow bulb, I think the product would seem even more like a traditional oil lamp, which is what I was going for. Otherwise, this product would be fun to use during the month of October:0).



Overall opinion of my wickless experience:

Since flameless candles “are” the big trend right now, I think Candle Breeze (CB) is at the forefront of this trend by creating familiar and unique scents with distinctive wax warmers. For me personally, over forty dollars is a hefty amount for a warmer, but for those of you who are mad for melts and strong scent sensationalists, you would definitely be getting your money’s worth. If CB came out with a replacement bulb in a yellow color, I think it would be much easier for me to enjoy my Large Candle Breeze Lamp. But that is just me; perhaps others are not as picky as I am. The unit does what it claims to do, and it Candle Breeze,, the site for candle loversdoes its job well.

My only other suggestion to Candle Breeze would be a smaller version of the Large Candle Breeze for three reasons: One- it would simply cost less. If I were trying this product for the first time, I would be wary of shelling out $44.99 for just the product that warms the wax, keeping in mind the additional cost of any Cand-O fragrances I may want to purchase beyond the Cinnamon Cand-O that is included with the Large Candle Breeze.

Reason number two- the Large Candle Breeze is quite large and customers may prefer a smaller version of the Large Candle Breeze in their home.

Reason number three-not everyone likes the modern look, which is why I didn’t order a Small Candle Breeze. On the flip side, for those of you who do have a more modern decor, perhaps you would like to see the Small Candle Breeze offered in a larger size.

I chose a lot of scents from the “Home Sweet Home” Collection. But there are also scents in lines like “Tropical Breeze,” “Fruit Stand,” “Romance,” and “Spa Breeze.” Garden Mint in particular sounds very soothing. I recently had mint tea with my friends who live in Amish country. I wonder if Garden Mint would remind me of that tea? Oh so many scents and so few days on earth!


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