Brownie Pecan Pie Scent Bursts from Better Homes and Gardensbrownie pecan pie scent bursts

By Christina Rylan

Brand: Better Homes and Gardens

Type: Scent Bursts

Fragrance: Brownie Pecan Pie

Scent Strength: Varied


First Impression:

 First impression was pretty incredible. Brownie Pecan Pie is one of my favorite scents from Better Homes and Gardens so I was excited to see it offered in their Scent Bursts.

And just a FYI… I melt Brownie Pecan Pie at least twice a week if not more. I love it THAT much!! Just imagine a rich and warm cake with butter and hints of caramelized pecans then loaded with frosting. It’s not over chocolate’y or too rich. It’s literally a PERFECT bakery scent!!

When I opened the bag of Brownie Pecan Pie Scent Bursts, the fragrance instantly hit my nose and it was strong. The paper inside was a dark brown and reminded me of rolled up confetti paper.

Time to find out how these perform!


Warming in my melter:

Fun!! I ball parked how much paper to put in my two electric melters and settled on layering the entire bottom of each with paper. If you’re wondering why I use two melters, my great room is pretty huge (living room, kitchen, dining room and foyer all combined) and 2 works best for that size space.

Once I placed the paper in the melters, it took roughly 20 minutes before the fragrance started permeating my great room and once it did…. the warm aroma of Brownie Pecan Pie filled the room. The scent throw wasn’t super strong and definitely not as strong as the wax melts but it was decent. I’d say the throw was a steady soft to medium throw that did lighten as the day went on. I’m sure melting this particular scent in a medium or smaller room would be optimal. The rep from Candle-Lite did say the smaller the room, the stronger the scent so keep that in mind should you try this fragrance.

Did the Scent Bursts in this fragrance smell like the scented wax version? Yes. It smelled exactly like it. A 100% yummy and authentic cake with hints of chocolate, butter, pecans and frosting. Love love LOVE this fragrance.

Definitely go check out Scent Bursts at Walmart. They’re different and fun.  Best candle thumbs up girl

Happy warming!

~ Christina

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Presentation: 5/5
Authenticity: 5/5
Strength: 3.5/5

Overall Rating: 4/5

Have you tried Brownie Pecan Pie Scent Bursts from Better Homes and Gardens? Review it with us. In the comment section below, review and star rate your experience… it’s easy!

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