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Fruit Fantasia – Bridgewater Candles


by Carolyn O’Conner

Brand: Bridgewater Candles

Fruit Fantasia

14 oz jar candle

Scent Strength: Medium to strong

Introduction to my Fruit Fantasia Bridgewater Candle review…

I’ve only ever tried one candle from Bridgewater Candles… a Caramel Apple scented jar.  As you might remember in my review, I wasn’t that thrilled.  The scent throw seemed weak and the jar had so much soot on it after I burned it for a while.  When we give negative reviews of candles from a big-name brand like Bridgewater, Christina and I wonder if the company will ever find our site and read our reviews of displeasure.  Well, it turns out they do…

About a month ago I received an email from a woman named Virginia who is the National Sales Manager for Bridgewater Candles.  She told me she was really surprised to read that I didn’t like my Caramel Apple candle and that it’s one of their best selling scents.  Virginia said Bridgewater candles are known to burn clean and the scents are usually pretty strong so she offered to send me some free jar candles and asked that I please try again.  I had no problem with that. The performance of my Caramel Apple candle from this company always baffled me anyway.  I see Bridgewater Candles for sale everywhere so I figured they must be doing something right.  I had to give them another shot.

Luckily I got to choose the scents. Im in ‘a fruity mood now since summer is coming so I chose Fruit Fantasia, Raspberries and Cream (a brand new scent) and their Strawberry for a strawberry comparison review I’m currently working on.  For this review, I’m sharing my thoughts with you on my Fruit Fantasia jar candle.

I just have to share something with you candle-nuts before I go on…I figured when I got my package from Bridgewater, I’d get 3 candles. WRONG!  They sent me 3 jar candles of each scent I chose and 3 jars in their Welcome Home scent which I didn’t even request.  How cool!  As Christina and I like to say, I hit the candle jackpot! Boy do I love this job!  I’ll be reviewing each of these scents as time goes on. Even so, I’ll still have a lot left over so I’m saving them for gifts which I’m SO excited about.



What did my Bridgewater candle look like?

My Fruit Fantasia candle is a 14 oz. glass jar candle.  I think this is a great looking candle for summer.  The wax is a vibrant magenta and the candle has a colorful Bridgewater label featuring several different types of fruit.



How did my Fruit Fantasia candle from Bridgewater smell?

I really like this scent.  The first time I sniffed this candle it put a smile on my face and perked me right up.  It’s a very vibrant, tart and tangy fruit fragrance.  I can’t seem to find scent descriptions online for Bridgewater Candles so I had a difficult time figuring out what fruits make up this scent.  I looked to the colorful label on my candle to see if I could get some clues from the fruits shown.  It definitely helped.  I see oranges or tangerines on part of the label… I think I’m smelling some tasty tangerines.  I’m also pretty sure I’m smelling some juicy kiwi, papaya, maybe a little plum and a touch of cherries.

Basically if you’re into tart and tangy scents and enjoy fruit scents as well, I think you’ll enjoy Fruit Fantasia.  My smell buds are partial to fruit scents that have a tart vibe to them so my nose definitely approves with this one.  This scent is so bright and vibrant, it makes my mouth water for some fresh, tangy fruit.

The scent strength on this candle is medium to strong.  It’s the best for me when I’m sitting a few feet away from it.  The strength of the scent doesn’t blow me away like some of my favorite brands of candles do, but it’s definitely enough to really enjoy.

This is also one of those scents that my nose kind of gets used to after being around it for a while but that happens with a lot of candles I burn.  When I come back in the room where it’s burning after stepping out for a bit, I’m very impressed and pleased with the tangy, cheerful atmosphere this upbeat scent creates.

One last thing… it took about an hour for this scent to really fill my living room, so give it a little time to show you what it can do.



candleHow did my Bridgewater candle burn?

I’m happy to report that my jar candle from Bridgewater burned clean.  There is no soot this time on the inside of the jar which I’m very happy about.

One thing I have noticed about these jars so far is that it takes a while for the wax to melt to the edges.  The best way to avoid any possible tunneling would be to let the candle burm for a long time before you blow it out… that’s what I’m doing.



Overall ppinion of my Fruit Fantasia candle and Bridgewater Candles:

After giving Bridgewater Candles another go, I am happy to say that I have a better impression of their company now. My candle smelled authentic, pretty strong and best of all burned clean. I’m pleased this time around and look forward to trying the other scents I have.  I’m hoping I get the same results with them that I did with my Fruit Fantasia candle.

I still don’t know what happened with my last Bridgewater candle. Maybe it was just a fluke or something.  Remember candle lovers… no matter how good a candle company is, there is always a slight chance you might get a dud.  My experience with this Fruit Fantasia candle just shows that we shouldn’t totally judge a company based off of one candle we try from them.

Happy candle sniffing!

~ Carolyn

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I have a sincere passion for candles, being mesmerized from the moment I saw my first flickering flame.

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