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Candle NewsBox Reveal: September 2021, Can It Bee?

Box Reveal: September 2021, Can It Bee?

Find out what all was included in our September subscription boxes!

Candlefind Subscription Box Reveal

Happy belated National Honey Month! While celebrating all things honey and honeybees this past September, we also rolled out some of our favorite goodies in our candle subscription boxes. Each month is more and more fun to put together and we get super excited when the products head out the door to you. Unfortunately, this past month also met us with some production delays and price hikes. While we were delayed in getting our packages out the door, we are pleased to let you know we have not decided to raise our prices during this troubling time. We are going working diligently to cut our own costs so that we can still bring you these goodies to your doorsteps at reasonable pricing. Now time to dive into this past month’s boxes to see what they were all about!

About Our Box Reveals

We don’t discuss the full content of our boxes until they have shipped out, as we don’t want to spoil the surprise. After boxes have started to leave our doors, we post our monthly box reveal, going through all the contents of each box type in detail. It’s our opportunity to explain the meaning behind the current month’s theme, how we choose products for the boxes, and to give you some more details on each specific product included. If you have not yet received your box and still want to be surprised, we advise you to stop reading now. Some of you still may not have your boxes, yet you’re anxious to see what’s inside. If you have your box, pull it on out and read along!

Theme: Can It Bee?

Candlefind Subscription Boxes September 2021 Theme - Can It Bee

The theme for September’s boxes was Can It Bee?, in recognition of National Honey Month. We scoured our lists to find beeswax products, ones shaped like lovely honeybees, or products that had honey as part of the scent notes. It wasn’t easy, but we rounded up a great mix of all of the above!

Candlefind September Subscription Boxes

Companies in the Boxes

Cheryl’s Candles & Gifts

Found in: The Flicker, The Flame, The Luxe

With almost 2,000 scents available, there’s something for everyone at Cheryl’s Candles & Gifts! The customer service is top notch and we never run out of things to try at this shop. The products we chose here were ones with honey scent notes, with a bonus of them being shaped like honeybees!

Cheryl's Candles & Gifts Candlefind Sept 2021 Subscription Boxes

Our main focus is giving our customers the best

Cheryl, Cheryl’s Candles & Gifts

Jenni’s Crafty Center

Found in: The Flicker

Jenni's Crafty Corner Candlefind Sept 2021 Subscription Boxes

The 100% soy snap bars from Jenni’s Crafty Center are so beautiful and so much fun! We love the fragrant options and the ease of use of the snap bars. We found some scents that included the honey notes and boy…are they good!

I’m proud to say that my wax melts are made with 100% soy wax with no additional additives, ethnically sourced mica powders, and biodegradable glitter. They are also highly scented as well.

Jenni, Jenni’s Crafty Center

Open Road Candles

Found in: The Flicker, The Flame

Open Road Candles Campfire Smores Wax Melts

We spied Open Road Candles on Etsy and we had to try them out. Their products are high quality and the ones with honey scent notes fit our theme.

The wax melt “candy bars” from this company keep us coming back for more. They also make a wide variety of other scented products from which to choose.

Narcissus Candle Co.

Found in: The Flame

Narcissus Candle Co. is a soy candle brand we also scouted on Etsy. We selected their travel tins to go with our other products. We did end up getting a little liberal with some honeysuckle products but hey, the quality is what counts!

Narcissus Candle Company in Candlefind Subscription Boxes

Westbury Candle Co.

Found in: The Flicker, The Flame

Westbury Candle Co n Candlefind Subscription Boxes

Another winner from Etsy, Westbury Candle Company has a wide variety of wax melts and candles up for grabs. With their reasonable pricing, it was hard to stick to just a few. The ones selected for our boxes all had honey notes.

Wick It Soy Melts

Found in: The Flicker, The Flame

Wick It Soy Melts in Candlefind Subscription Boxes

The wide variety found at Wick It Soy Melts had our heads spinning. The soy candles & wax melts here are fun, fun, fun! We love the dreamy scents and the amazing

Leeward Candle Co.

Found in: The Luxe

This luxurious candle company hails from the great state of Virginia. The candles & wax melts are 100% soy with some of the most beautiful, creative blends we’ve ever seen.

Leeward Candles in n Candlefind Subscription Boxes

Bayou Burns Candle Co.

Found in: The Luxe

Bayou Burns 100% That Candle Wax Melts

We’ve had Bayou Burns on our radar it seems like forever, and we were not disappointed once we tried them out. This indie candle company is based in Texas and they have some of the cutest, most clever scent names we’ve seen. The scents are fabulous, to boot! We hope all our wax friends come to love this company as much as we do.


Found in: The Luxe

Luxury awaits! This company sells incredibly luxurious bath/body and home fragrance goods. We’ve included Honey Peach bath salts this month. Relax & soak it in!

Sabon Peach Bath Salts in Candlefind Subscription Boxes

Bonus Gifts

Our bonus gifts this month came in the form of some scented wax melt from Tuscaderos for The Flame & The Luxe and Pelican Scents for The Flicker. Enjoy!

More in the Box

Other items possibly found in this month’s box:

  • Candlefind Branded Lip Balm
  • Candlefind Signature Packaging
  • Gift Tag so you can gift your products…if you must.
  • Candy 🙂
  • 2 Cello Bags. We know that cello bags are the best way to store your wax melts to help them maintain their scent. We’ve given you a couple in case you want to store some of your box contents in them. (Flicker & Flame only)
  • Custom Matchbook (Flame & Luxe only)
  • Exclusive Coupons
  • BONUS scents: We occasionally have extra goodies to include in your box!

News & Next Month’s Box

Candlefind Monthly Themes Graphic October Subscription Boxes 2021

For the month of October, the theme is “You’ve Goth This.” Our boxes will be focused around Halloween and this box is one of our best yet…you don’t want to miss it!

If you are still on the fence about the boxes but want to take a peek into what they are all about, we now offer a Try Me! box that comes with some select wax melts that can be found in our full-sized boxes. Sorry, no specific scent selections for these boxes, but you are able to tell us your general scent preferences. Give us a try…we think you’ll love it!

Happy candle burning!

The Candlefind Team Signature

Congrats to our monthly box winner, Anita E.! Anita won a free box just for being a Candlefind To Go newsletter subscriber. We will be picking our next winner soon, so be sure your name is in the hat.

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