Candlefind Subscription Box Reveal

It’s been a mad scramble around here at Candlefind, as we found ourselves trying to launch our much anticipated subscription boxes this month. Although we started planning months ago, we just didn’t seem to have enough time considering the pandemic and the string of holidays we were up against. Still, we have pulled it off and I must say…I think we did a pretty good job for our inaugural boxes! Now that boxes have begun to ship, we can do our own reveal to show you just what you might find in your boxes.

About Our Box Reveals

We don’t discuss the full content of our boxes until they have shipped out, as we don’t want to spoil the surprise. After boxes have started to leave our doors, we post our monthly box reveal, going through all the contents of each box type in detail. It’s our opportunity to explain the meaning behind the current month’s theme, how we choose products for the boxes, and to give you some more details on each specific product included. If you have not yet received your box and still want to be surprised, we advise you to stop reading now. Some of you still may not have your boxes, yet you’re anxious to see what’s inside. If you have your box, pull it on out and read along!

Theme: Get The Party Started

Our overarching theme for the 2021 boxes is New Beginnings. The transition of ownership for Candlefind was not a smooth one, and we’ve put the past way, way behind us. We’ve fully rebranded and come into our own, making it time to get this party started! We also were SO over 2020, and we welcomed 2021 with open arms. What better way to do that than with a party, wouldn’t you say? That’s why our theme focused on relatively brand new companies – companies that are trying to make their mark in the wax world. We know how hard it can be to get a business off the ground, so we were more than happy to feature them this month!

Companies in the Boxes

Oh Wow Candle Company

Found in: The Flicker, The Flame, The Luxe

We are in love with the candles & wax melts from Oh Wow Candle Company. This father-daughter team makes 100% soy products that will make you want to say, “Oh, wow!” They carry clamshell wax melts as well as fragrance flights, which are 1 ounce samplers. The Flicker and The Luxe boxes contain the clamshells – we’ve had great results using these in our electric melters. They seem to last a really long time and give off a good amount of fragrance. We’ve included an 8oz candle in the The Flame box, which has a stated burn time of 30 hours. In our office, their 8oz candle lasted almost 40 hours!

Violet Skye Candle Co.

Found in: The Flicker

Violet Skye Candle Co. Fruity Loops Wax Melts

While we love great scented wax melts, we really love it when the wax melts are great eye candy, too. Meet Violet Sky Candle Co…they make some really adorable wax melts that smell great, too! The Cinnamon Buns are her best sellers. Our faves had to be the Fruity Loop ones…so adorable & they smell so good!

The Scented Oar

Found in: The Flicker, The Flame

We were introduced to The Scented Oar several months ago and could not get over the quality of the products. The wax melts are clamshell style and are 100% soy. Melissa Fleece has been making candles for over 19 years, but decided to open her shop doors when the pandemic hit. We’ve found her wax melts authentic and long lasting. Try these in a tealight melter to get some of the best throws.

The Scented Oar Candles

Beads of Jupiter

Found in: The Flicker, The Flame

We stumbled upon Beads of Jupiter while browsing Etsy, one of our favorite places to shop. This shop makes some gorgeous beaded jewelry, but we couldn’t help but to notice the wax melts. They do not have a huge variety to choose from, but each one we’ve tried has been really good. Our fave? Just Peachy. Oh. So. Good.

Candles Soaps MD

Can you say too cute? We can! Our mouths dropped when we saw these adorable donut soaps from Candles Soaps MD. This mom and student makes these cute glycerin soaps that smell just as good as they look. The lather is fabulous and the soap is not drying to our skin. My personal favorite is Sweet Orange.

Sintanni Parfums

Found in: The Luxe

Our indie luxury candle offering this month was from Sintanni Parfums, also found on Etsy. Andrew creates such unique candle scents with some very creative names. Each candle has a backstory, and the scent descriptions are as fun to read as the candles are to burn. The best part is that the containers make nice receptacles to hold your pens or makeup brushes when you’re done.

Marquis Soaps

Found in: The Luxe


Another Etsy shop that we love for the owner’s creativity, customer service, and luxurious soaps. We included some of the gorgeous whipped soaps in our luxury boxes, for that extra bit of pampering. This shop ships FAST! Although we included the whipped soap, check out their beautiful bar soaps, too. Swoon!

Bedrock Home Deco

Found in: The Luxe

Our bonus gift this month for The Luxe box was an agate geode coaster from Bedrock Home Deco. These coasters are soooo much prettier in person – we love them! They even have little “feet” to protect your surfaces. This coaster is perfect to set your candle on while you burn and enjoy.

Bedrock Home Deco Agate Geode Coaster

Bonus Gifts

Rosegirls Blackberry Wax Melts

Our bonus gifts this month came in the form as some scented wax melts from Rosegirls Candle Company. If you found a package of wax melts with no company name on them, then you’ve scored some awesome RG melts…Enjoy!

More in the Box

Other items possibly found in this month’s box:

  • Custom confetti from Just Simply L on Etsy. Throw your confetti around as you get the party started.
  • Whistle blower because what’s a party without some noise?
  • Candlefind branded lip balm. The flavor is Watermelon – yum!
  • Gift tags so you can gift your products…if you must.
  • Cello bags. We know that cello bags are the best way to store your wax melts to help them maintain their scent. We’ve given you a couple in case you want to store some of your box contents in them.

News & Next Month’s Box

Candlefind Subscription Boxes Monthly Themes

While we loved putting together this month’s box, we learned a lot of things along the way. We have decided to make our boxes a little larger to better accommodate all of our goodies, so your boxes next month will look a little different. Also, we normally plan on shipping out boxes on the first Monday and Tuesday of each month. However, since we have still been getting some delays with our suppliers due to the pandemic, we will be shipping out February’s boxes on February 15th & 16th instead.

Next month’s box theme is Black It Up, where we feature all black-owned (or minority-owned) businesses. We think you’ll love getting to know these vendors – we certainly have!

Happy candle burning!

The Candlefind Team Signature

Congrats to our monthly box winner, Alisha R! Alisha won a free box just for being a Candlefind To Go newsletter subscriber. We will be picking our next winner soon, so be sure your name is in the hat.

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