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Pineapple Vanilla, Sanctuary, and Chai Tea – Blush Candles


Pineapple Vanilla, Sanctuary, and Chai Tea – Blush Candles

By Andrea HaskinsBlush Candles review,, the site for candle lovers

Company: Blush Candles

Type: 9oz jar
3.5oz travel tins

Pineapple Vanilla
Chai Tea

Cost: $4.95 for travel tins
$9.70 for 9oz jar

Strength: Light to moderately strong


Introduction to my review of Blush Scented Candles:

I consider myself a seasoned veteran when it comes to wax smellies. A girl who has been around the block, so to speak. That’s why it never ceases to amaze me when BAM! out of the blue I learn about a company that I had never even Blush Candles review,, the site for candle loversheard of before. Such is the case with Blush Candles. Now don’t get me wrong…Blush is not new on the scene. Born in 1995 out of the love and creation of a husband-wife team, Blush Candles has expanded exponentially. You can find the candles now in upscale boutiques and spas. You can locate a distributor or consultant to get your fix. Or you can sit in the comfort of your home and shop their wonderfully scented goodies online.

The website is simplicity at its finest. There are beautifully muted colorsdisplayed on the homepage and as a theme throughout. Nothing flashy or distracting ”“ simple, serene, relaxing. What better way to shop for candles? Navigate the left-hand side menu to learn more about the company and get a lot of other information. Included here is the link for the fragrance menu. While the scent list is not exhaustive, it does seem to span the spectrum. Floral, bakery, earthy… you’ll be able to find your passion here. Not only are the scent names listed, but you are also clued in as to what the color of your candle will be. Nice touch! The scents I had to review were Pineapple Vanilla, Sanctuary, and Chai Tea.



What did my candles from Blush look like?

Blush candles,, the site for candle lovers

My Pineapple Vanilla candle was the 9oz jar with a lid. The candle reminded me of a small honeypot jar. The glass was thin and clear ”“ no labels on the outside. The candle warning label was placed discreetly on the bottom and it also included the contact information. A clear label was affixed to the bottom indicating the scent name. The wax was creamy and soft yellow in color. This jar candle was double wicked for even burning.

Both Sanctuary and Chai Tea were the 3.5oz travel tin candles. Your typical shiny, round silver tins and the lids sported a decorative label. Sanctuary was a beautiful light blue and Chai Tea was a pale brown. Both tin candles had single wicks.



What did my candles from Blush look like?

Pineapple Vanilla

I first took my Pineapple Vanilla candle head on. According to the website, it sells well all year ’round. And, well, I just love me some vanilla! Here is the scent description from the website:

“A year-round best seller, this fragrance consists of a green bouquet ofPineapple Vanilla pineapple and fruity top notes, warmed by vanilla and completed with a sweet musky background.”

Yummmm! The cold sniff on this candle was soft and sweet. I smelled mostly pineapple but it was not too sharp for my nose. Once lit, it was more of the same ”“ only much more powerful! I was simply amazed at how well this candle threw its scent. It completely filled the room it was in and then some. The scent was a pleasant, juicy pineapple with a hint of creaminess… the added vanilla, I suppose. It was not candy-like, more of a sophisticated sweet scent. It remained true and strong throughout the life of the candle. I can see why this candle is a best seller for Blush.




A sanctuary is considered a sacred location. A place of safety or refuge. It’s certainly someplace I am looking for at the end of a hectic day! Blush has attempted to capture that essence in a candle, describing it as:

“An exotic blend of fruits and florals combined with notes of honey, vanilla, sandalwood and a hint of patchouli. This fragrance is completed with Sanctuary scented candle review,, the site for candle loverssubtle base notes of chocolate and amber.”

The cold sniff was unassuming and didn’t exactly make me want to run and burn this candle right away. I thought: soft, powdery, routine. Well, it was when this baby was lit that the true complexity of the scent became apparent to my well-seasoned nose! The sandalwood definitely shone through, flittering about with the soft, sweet honey and vanilla. I couldn’t detect individual notes of chocolate and amber, but there was a sexy muskiness as well. I was taken aback by how much scent this little tin put out. The scent didn’t overwhelm me, but was present throughout the air in its confined space. A definite spa-type scent and one I would buy again.



Chai Tea

Ummmm… a good, hot cup of chai tea is just what the doctor ordered! I love trying this scent from various places because many have their ownChai Tea scented candle,, the site for candle lovers spin on it. Here’s what Blush says about theirs:

“Inspired by the popular beverage served in gourmet coffeehouses, this fragrance is a warm blend of spiced tea, peppermint leaves and white amber, blended with creamy steamed milk.”

Again the cold sniff left me uninspired. After trying the other two candles, I lit this one with great expectations. I will have to say I didn’t quite get the ‘oomph’ from this candle that I did with the other two. This candle put out a soft, spicy scent that didn’t smell much like tea to me. I did catch occasional whiffs of peppermint. The scent was creamy and soft. Overall a pleasant scent, but I guess just not my cup of tea. (Sorry ”“ I couldn’t resist!!)



Candle flameHow did my candles burn?

These were very clean burning and largely black-soot-free candles. They were not high maintenance candles at all and those who know me know that’s a good thing in my book! I had no wasted wax with the jar candle. The tins left a little bit of wax around the rims. If I had to choose I’d definitely go with the jar candles, but the tins did make very nice travel companions.



Closing to my Blush Candles review:

What a joy I had reviewing these candles. I can see why they are popularBlush Candles Review,, the site for candle lovers and why they can be found in spas around the country. Although spa-like candles, they are not wimpy by any means. They look pretty, they burn well and for the most part they throw scent well. I think these candles are certainly worth the price of admission and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from here again. I suggest you give them a try, too!

Keep it rosy!

~ Andrea

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