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Oooorder UP!! A BLT Scented Melt Review!


by Julia Wooten

LOL Candles – now closed
HoT Scent Boutique – now closedBLT scented melt review,, the site for candle lovers
Grandma’s Home- brewed Tarts
Prairie Soy Candles

Type: Diner Melts

B.L.T. Whisky Down with a Pickle in the Alley
and Shoot from the South!

Cost: Priceless

Scent Strength: Stronger than Flo’s perfume (Kiss my grits!)


On the menu today:

BLT scented melt review,, the site for candle lovers
Gimme a B.L.T. whisky down with a pickle in the alley and shoot from the South! As an homage to the American Diner, my review is of a few… unusual… tart scents. Have you figured out the diner lingo yet? Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato on Rye Toast with a Pickle on the side, and an Ice Cold Coca Cola!I gathered these scents from several different vendors and I’ll tell you about them one at a time so you can make your own diner smells at home. This could be particularly handy for making your family think you’re busy whipping up lunch when you’re actually out shopping for more candles. That was my goal anyway.I found Bacon and Fresh Baked Bread at Laughing Out Loud Soaps & Candles (LOL), Lettuce and Tomato at HoT Scent Boutique, Dill Pickle from Grandma’s Homebrewed Tarts & More and Ice Cold Coca Cola at Prairie Soy Candles.



Mmmm, Mmmm. How does my Blue Plate Special look?

We can’t attach every picture but these various melts all look pretty much the same, although LOL’s melts were a bit larger weighing in at 1.4 oz. All of the melts were scalloped, and colored appropriately in white, green or bacon red.


How did my Lunch tarts smell?

Bacon scented ment review,, the site for candle lovers
Laugh Out Loud Soaps & Candles provided this bacon scented melt. It’s the only one I’ve seen and it is a limited edition scent so if you’re a bacon fan or just bacon curious, check it out soon. I really felt like I was taking one for the team here. I placed this melter towards the back porch, like it was an old pair of sneakers. I then realized that I wasn’t giving this scent it’s fair shake so I dutifully moved it back in and placed it squarely on the desk in front of me.I gave it a good solid run too. It didn’t have that pan fried bacon smell… it was more like a jar of imitation bacon bits. This was a fun scent for a gag but not one I would choose again… ever… if for no other reason than to spare LOL from having to pour these melts again. There are just so many other fantastic scents to choose from at LOL… I won’t miss this one.



Lettuce and TomatoLettuce and Tomato scented melt review,, the site for candle lovers

I found this scent at HoT Scent Boutique. I’m a big fan of HoT’s unique custom blends. It’s always a fun adventure trying the creative one-of-a-kind scent combinations found only at HoT.

This scent is called “BLT Hold the B” for those of you who wish to give it a try. It’s actually got the bread too. This is described as:

“Lettuce & Tomatoes on Whole Wheat Toast… straight up!”

This scent is a fresh garden scent with toast. I don’t know how anyone could make a scent smell like toasted bread as apposed to the untoasted kind, but there is definitely a difference and this scent hit the mark. It was relatively mild with a light throw but it works for this type of unusual scent. It’s not an everyday favorite, but it is a interesting occasional scent. I would certainly pick this one up again.



Fresh baked bread scented melt review,, the site for candle loversFresh Baked Bread

I searched and searched for a rye bread scent but couldn’t find one… luckily I did find this Fresh Baked Bread at Laughing Out Loud Soaps & Candles.

My problem with bread scents in general is that they often smell like popcorn to me. Then I crave popcorn and have to make a big batch… then the butter… the situation just snowballs. This is the first baked bread scent I have ever tried that didn’t smell like popcorn. This bread has the slightest, barely there, hint of sweetness to it. It’s intoxication… I could have smelled just this one scent all day long and been happy…. It’s wonderful.

But, I was on a mission today, and I couldn’t stop there.



Dill Pickle

This unusual scent is made by Grandma’s Homebrewed Tarts. She writes:

“Just when you think you have smelled every fragrance on earth, Grandma presents Dill Pickle Dill Pickle scented melt review,, the site for candle loversFragrance! A truly creative scent! This fragrance brings back precious memories of pregnancy for some reason.”

This didn’t bring back pregnancy memories as I never craved pickles… my thing was root beer but that’s a story for another time.

This scent was better than I expected. I often cook with dill, so liking this scent wasn’t a stretch for me. I wasn’t smelling much pickle, maybe just a hint of vinegar, but it’s mostly a fresh dill smell. It smelled good and had a long way to go before crossing that line between unusual and obnoxious, so I could have handled this melt a bit stronger. This is a great kitchen scent and would certainly mix well with dinner smells.



Soda scented melt review,, the site for candle loversCoca-Cola

What’s lunch without an ice cold Coca-cola? I must admit… I stand firmly in the Pepsi
camp in the timeless Coke vs. Pepsi battle. But it didn’t matter here. This scent was the biggest surprise of the whole bunch.

There was no written description for Coca-cola… but really… do we need one? Even people in Siberia have a Coke and a smile… well… a Coke at least. It’s fresh, sweet, effervescent… and I loved it. Even after the novelty of the scent wore off, I was still enjoying this one. It smells like a Coca-cola… plain and simple. I would have liked a stronger scent throw with this melt, but I will, without a doubt, reorder this winner from Prairie Soy Candles.



BLT scented melt review,, the site for candle loversDing… Table 5… Order Up!

I melted each of these scents individually. Now it was time for the big test. I had to smell them all together. I lined up five melters in a row and lit a fresh tealight in each one. It looked like some twisted kind of luminary path. I put these all in (of all places) the bathroom, only because it’s my smallest room and I wanted to get the full effect. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

I left the room and closed the door so they could… well… cook, I guess. Now… for my scent loving self, there was nothing unusual about this lineup of melters with everything from bacon to Coca-cola melting in my bathroom… It’s just another day around here. But then a friend dropped by unexpectedly, and suddenly I saw, from an outsider’s view, how odd this looked. Luckily, my visitor didn’t use the facilities, so I avoided the entire explanation of my bathroom BLT.

Julia's BLT lineup,, the site for candle lovers



** Julia’s mad scientest BLT creation of melters above**

Plop Plop Fizz Fizz… Closing to my review…

I had been smelling these scents individually for a few hours so I was becoming used to them. They were beginning to smell not half bad to me. I was ducking in and out of the bathroom trying to picture a quaint little roadside diner in my mind.
Pew, man holding nose. Scented candle reviews,, the site for candle lovers
Then it occurred to me that I needed a new opinion… a fresh nose… a hapless victim for my little diner of horrors. So I coaxed my dear husband in for a little sniff. He came out of the room coughing and mumbling something about sensory overload, then the front door shut behind him and he stayed outside for a really long time.

I got some fresh air myself and went back in the bathroom for a final go-round. As much as I tried to imagine a luncheonette, and as much as I truly enjoyed most of these scents on their own… together, they did not evoke the diner effect I was trying to create. In fact, if I ever… ever… enter a diner that smells the way this entire mix of scents did all together… I would probably leave… as fast as my feet could carry me.

I suppose you’re on your own creating your subterfuge while you are out shopping. This ruse of faking lunch isn’t going to work but it sure was fun! Maybe if I found a peanut butter and jelly scent….?

Happy candle and melt sniffing!

~ Julia

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