Birchwood Pine NEST Luxury Candle ReviewBirchwood Pine

By Christina Rylan

Brand: NEST

Type: 8.1oz candle

Fragrance: Birchwood Pine

Scent Strength: Medium


First impression of Birchwood Pine from NEST: 

Out of all the luxury candles I planned on reviewing this winter, Birthwood Pine was the one candle my husband couldn’t wait for me to light up, and it HAD to be in our bedroom so he could enjoy it. I hadn’t even lit this candle yet and it was already husband approved. That’s a fairly good sign this would be an amazing fragrance.

But before I get into the fragrance itself, let me tell you a little bit about the candle and packaging. NEST really goes all out with presentation and something I’ll never tire of admiring. The box the candle came in was white with big dandelions embossed in bright gold sparkly glitter that covered the entire box in a random pattern. It was so pretty and eye catching. The candle inside matched the box with more golden dandelions embossed all over the glass. Every aspect of this candle was gorgeous and elegant!  And just so you know, the picture above does not do this candle or box justice – it’s one you have to experience in person to see just how pretty it is.

Now onto the fragrance….

Here is the scent description for Birchwood Pine:

The aroma of a majestic winter forest is created by blending white pine, fir balsam and birchwood over a base of rich musk and amber.

Nice!! Smelling the wax, this candle smelled like pine, fir balsam and birchwood. It was fresh and aromatic. I had this candle sitting next to me as I typed this introduction and the aroma (without the candle even being lit) surrounded the space around me. I can only imagine the strength once the candle was lit.

Time to find out!

I lit this candle in my master bedroom so my husband could enjoy the fragrance and waited for the magic to begin. Once the wick was lit, it took a good 40 minutes to reach a full melt pool and from then on out… fresh outdoor pine filled my bedroom. The aroma… a fresh balsam and birchwood. Those were definitely the two components in the scent description I smelled the most. The fir balsam smelled like a freshly cut Christmas tree, the birchwood added a rustic feel to the overall aroma. That was my favorite part… it was a classic Christmas tree scent with an added masculine vibe.

Strength – on a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this candle a 7 in a large room. 10 in a medium to smaller rooms which was pretty good for this size candle. The fragrance in a large room gave a soft/medium aroma so I imagine a medium sized room would be ideal for this particular fragrance.



How did my candle burn?

This candle burned perfect. Zero wick issues. Clean burning from start to finish.



Closing to my review: 

I really enjoyed Birchwood Pine and so did my husband. It was a classic Christmas tree scent but with a rustic flair, which means… this is a great candle and fragrance to burn pretty much any time of the year. I loved it!

If you love luxury brands or are ready to take the plunge and try one… NEST is a great choice. Their candles are so gorgeous and their scents unique and one of a kind. Or, if you want to try and variety, check out Candles Off Main… my favorite site to purchase luxury brands. They offer a huge variety plus free shipping.

Happy candle hunting!

~ Christina

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Presentation: 5/5
Authenticity: 5/5
Burn Performance: 5/5
Strength: 4/5

Overall Rating: 5/5

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