Bette – Bijou Luxury Soy Candles ReviewBette

By Andrea Haskins

Brand: Bijou Luxury Soy Candles

Type: Soy

Fragrance: Bette

Cost: $29

Scent Strength: Strong


Can we talk? Lately, I had found myself in a flurry of activities that had taken me away from my candle-loving world. However, my good friend Christina knew just the words to draw me back in: Luxury. Candles. Oh my! When she asked me to review this new-to-me company, Bijou Luxury Soy Candles, I simply couldn’t resist. And what a wonderful journey back into this true passion of mine!



Love. Too strong? I don’t think so. Let me explain…

I had a hard time choosing which scent I wanted to try, as all of the scents from Bijou Candles sounded enticing. Ok, ok…Bette was my mother’s name (different spelling), so I’m sure that had something to do with the draw to this particular candle. But the sheer beauty of these candles in general made my heart skip a beat. The 10.5-ounce candles come individually boxed, ready for gift-giving (if you can dare to part with your candle). The candles themselves are housed in an opaque vessel with a 22-k gold lined trim. Luxurious much?  The glass bottom was clear and thick. This candle had a lot of weight to it, whispering in my ear about its quality. The scent name was delicately written on the jar in a laid-back, handwritten font, with the words “Summer Berries” written beneath. On the opposite was just the letter ‘b’ for Bijou. The wax itself was off- white and there was a single, well-placed wick in the center.

Truthfully, everything about this candle felt luxurious and yes, I was already in love.




We all know that all that glitters isn’t gold. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how lovely a candle is, it must smell good. I must want to burn it! Since we had just been caught up in a lingering cold snap, I found myself longing for warmer weather. I was hopeful that this candle would do the trick to get me in the summer frame of mind. Its scent description read:

Muddled summer berries and sweet black currant draw you in. The lingering scent of freshly cut roses leaves you longing for more.

Scent notes: hazy summers, pitchers of sangria, garden parties.

While that sounds simple enough, this candle was anything but. The first thing I noticed were some of the green notes, hinting easily at a burst of summer to come. I was expecting more of a rose smell, but the floral elements smelled more white floral to me. The sharp black currant scent cut across just enough to keep this from being “just a floral” scent. No, this scent was much more complex and definitely got me in the summer mood.

The scent itself was pretty strong. I had it burning in my guest bathroom and I could smell it on into the hallway and bedroom. It was not overpowering, as some floral-based scents can be, but it did fill up the room and beyond.




I had a fairly even burn with my Bette candle. I had to burn my candle several hours on the first burn to get a full wax melt pool, but that was expected. My flame stayed tame throughout the life of the candle, as long as I managed to keep the wick nice and trimmed. Once I let the candle burn a bit too long, and there was some sooting on the side of the jar. That was definitely on me, though…no fault of the candle at all!

The candle burned a super long time, too. I really liked that part, because I was able to relish this candle for hours on end. I would say their estimation of a 70 hour burn time is pretty accurate.

I was able to burn the candle all the way down without difficulties. Left behind was this beautiful, sturdy candle vessel that now takes up residence on my office desk.




I’m really glad to have come out of retirement and I’m glad my first candle venture was with Bijou Luxury Soy Candles. They are truly a luxurious brand with an array of complex scents. Bette is the perfect scent for Spring and Summer, with its refreshing fruit and floral notes. It does have the floral notes, so keep that in mind if you’re averse to those types of scents. It has a strong scent throw and a really clean burn. I loved this candle and can’t wait to try more in their line.

Happy Candle burning!

~ Andrea

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Presentation: 5/5
Authenticity: 4.5/5
Burn Performance: 5/5
Strength: 4.5/5

Overall Rating: 4.75/5

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