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Who makes the best wax melts?


Best wax melts… who makes the strongest, the most authentic? That’s what all of us waxie lovers are after isn’t it? Scented melts are THE craze right now and it’s easy to understand why. If you don’t know what they are… wax melts are generally 1 to 2 ounces of scented wax you melt in a tealight or electric melter to scent you home. They are wickless, meaning no flame is needed (unless you’re using a tealight melter) and they’re super inexpensive and a GREAT way to try out different scents from a candle company before purchasing a more expensive candle. We love love love them!!!

Deirdre wrote a whole article explaining what melts are. Just in case you’re wanting to read up on them more.

So who do we think makes the best wax melts around? Below are our choices based off personal experience.


Pure Integrity Candles – my favorite site for soy candles and melts. Visit site ~ Read reviews

The Bathing Garden – Strong, yummy, consistent and just plain wonderful scents! Visit site.

Candlemart – If you’re on a tight budget, this is the site to shop on. Great selection of melts at super reasonable prices. Visit site.

Tuscadero’s – endless scent list, awesome scents, fast shipping and wonderful customer service. Visit site

Scentsationals – LOVING THESE!!!!!! Not a huge scent list but decent and true. Excellent prices. Visit store

Better Homes and Gardens – Found at Walmart Stores – LOVE!!!!! Limited scents but what they offer is excellent. Visit site

Spotted Hog Candles – Awesome scent list, strong scents, incredible bakery category and lots of custom blends. Love!  Visit site

Super Tarts – Great themes, endless scents. A little hard to purchase from from WORTH IT!! Visit site

Nene’s Kitchen Melts – This has been one of my favorite vendor’s for wax melts for years! Excellent scent list, great prices and super customer service. Visit site

Ten Digit Creations – the newest site I’ve added to my favorite list. Their scent list is huge and so far, loving their melts. Prices are great to and shipping is lightning fast! Visit site


My list will grow and change as I try more companies but I can vouch for all of the above. They’re all awesome!


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 …where we list who makes the best scented candles as well as the best wax melts you can buy. Sooooo many great companies out there candle lovers so don’t think big brands are it. There are so many great sites that offer quality candles  as well as melts just waiting to be discovered by you. Check them out!