The Best Tree Scented Candles You Can Buy

We celebrate Arbor Day by presenting our list of the best tree scented candles you can buy.

Best Tree Scented Candles

Tree scented candles are often considered during the holidays, but there is so much more to this category of scents than that. They can be warm, inviting, and comforting…even in the Spring! In recognition of Arbor Day, we thought we’d share our picks for the best tree scented candles currently on the market.

Best Tree Scented Candles
  1. Yankee Candle, Balsam & Cedar (Balsam, aromatic cedar wood and juniper berry blend together in a fresh forest scent.) This scent actually reminds us of a Christmas tree. It’s bold and the added berry notes make it a little festive. Still, this is a great scent to enjoy year ’round. We’ve reviewed Balsam & Cedar from Yankee Candle on our site before.
  2. Thymes, Frasier Fir (The aromatic snap of Siberian Fir cedarwood and earthy sandalwood combine to create a just-cut forest fragrance that evokes warmth and comfort.) Probably our favorite “holiday” candle EVER! Yes, this scent smells like Christmas, too, but it’s not as in-your-face as B&C from Yankee. It’s more complex and the one candle we buy every year without fail. You can read our review of Thymes Frasier Fir here.
  3. ScentSationals, Patchouli Woods (Explore the dark scent of Patchouli Woods. With rich notes of earthy patchouli, white cedar, and aromatic sandalwood.) Ok, we cheated by including some wax melts, but hey…we’re equal opportunity wax lovers. Patchouli Woods is exotic and soothing. The scent lasts a long time, too, which is an extra bonus with these affordable wax melts.
  4. Trapp Fine Fragrances, Burmese Wood (Burmese Wood candle is an incredible balance of teak and balsam woods, with a rich base note of tonka.) This scent is earthy and warm, with hints of cherry tobacco. Divine.
  5. Tatine, Bare Trees (An icy blend of dry cedarwood and saffron shadowed by warm sandalwood oil. Black walnut and oud oil are washed in sensual silken musk and vetiver.) If you’re looking for more subtle tree-scented fragrances, try Bare Trees from Tatine. This scent is intoxicating and can be enjoyed for hours on end.
  6. Midheaven, White Birch (Bring the woodsy aroma of the outdoors inside with our White Birch Soy Candle. It adds a new layer of sophistication to traditional pine scents with vivid notes of eucalyptus, cypress, and tonka bean, creating a unique aromatic crispness.) This soy candle is ah-MAY-zing. The pine gives it a holiday vibe, but it is so much more. It has a freshness and crispness that can be appreciated all year long.
  7. Sydney Hale, Fir + Blue Sage (Vibrant grapefruit and crisp fir needles take the lead with a nice hearty base of wild sage.) The unexpectedness of tangy grapefruit in this woodsy mix makes it a joy to burn, making it easy to include as one of our picks for the best tree scented candles.
  8. Le Labo, Palo Santo 14 (Palo Santo carries with it an energizing freshness yet can be sometimes overwhelming when used raw. We tamed the beast and, while keeping the soul of the original ingredient, we built a warm and comfortable accord through the addition of cedarwood and the dark resinous nature of labdanum, incense and patchouli.) Can a candle be sexy? Because that’s what we think about when we’re anywhere near this candle. The richness of Palo Santo can’t be denied and this is one of the most beautiful candle versions we’ve found.
  9. Voluspa, White Cypress (Notes of White Cypress, Juniper Berry, Mint Leaves and Evergreen Wood) This candle makes us smile every time we see it. The woodsy notes blend well with hints of mint, making it perfect for the holidays. However, this candle scent is so beautiful, we think it would work well all year ’round.

Since we originally wrote this article with our picks of the best tree scented candles, we’ve been introduced to two other options from a fabulous indie company named Lotus Candles. If you want the realistic scent of freshly fallen leaves, with all the warmth of Autumn, try their Leaves candle (Rich Autumn notes of fresh ground cinnamon generously sprinkled over tasty dried apple peel. Allspice, fresh clove bud, and drips of Vermont maple complete this festive aroma.) Their Juniper Breeze candle is a slightly sweeter option with just the right amount of green notes – not a harsh pine scent at all. This one works all year long (…a smooth fusion of succulent fruits and dewy floral balanced by hints of wood and pine. It’s fresh with green floral elevated with lily, juicy fruits, and a heart of jasmine.)

Those are our picks for the best tree scented candles you can buy right now. Did we miss any of your favorites? Chime in and let us know.

As always, happy candle burning!