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Many aspects help to create a unique and trendy bachelor pad, such as your choice in furniture, accessories, décor, and much more. However, sight is not the only sense that should be appeased and appealed to when someone walks into your pad for the first time. Make that first impression truly memorable with the best scents for a bachelor pad, and transform the sweat-scented man-cave into something that visitors,Best Scents For A Bachelor Pad family members, and dates will enjoy being a part of.

There are many scents that appeal to women, from floral and tropical paradise scents to food-related scents. While these are great for a woman’s domain, they are not likely to appeal to the average bachelor. Candles that offer a multitude of scents, such as those with layers, are a great addition to any bachelor pad, and give the bachelor something unique to look forward to with each new layer.


Candles Are Key

Most room freshening sprays appeal to women’s senses, but do little for the average guy trying to make a great impression. As a matter of fact, most guys do not know where to even start to find a great scent without making the bachelor pad smell like a girls’ dorm room. Here are some tips for finding that all-important candle with a perfect scent for your bachelor pad:


Choose something that you like, even if it feels like a stereotypical choice. There is no rulebook that says guys have to choose certain scents. If the scent appeals to you, choose it, and do not worry about society’s norms. After all, it is not society that has to live with the smell; it is you.


Floral scents are not your only option with scented candles. Thousands of candle scents are available, with everything Best Scents For A Bachelor Padfrom food-related smells to clean linens or rain scents. There are dozens of retailers in your community with scented candles, or you can find something that suits your style and your tastes online for a small shipping fee.


When all else fails, keep it simple. Simple scents appeal to everyone. This includes warm apple pie, cinnamon scents, clean linen or rain forest scents, and those scents that bring a specific time of year to mind. To make a bolder statement without overwhelming the sense of smell, try a hazelnut scent or something similar.


Layers of scent are appealing, and can be used to unify several rooms with each other. Creating a cohesive flow from one room to the next is a common trend, and this fashion fad extends to scent as well. Using scented candles that are layered, allow the scents to differentiate without having awkward transitions. Layers will blend from one to the next, and each room can be at a different layer without an odd shift in scent.


Creating A Cohesive Flow

Harmonizing scents will give your bachelor pad a more homey feel, that extra special touch that may seem lacking in a single man’s house. Discover that perfect missing touch with a great candle scent and make the perfect first impression.


About the author: Alyssa Davis is a staff writer and decorating specialist with and she offers stylish suggestions for decorating.


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