Best Prank Candles

Happy April Fool’s Day! Did you manage to stay prank-free? While we enjoy a little trick or two ourselves here at Candlefind, everyone knows that we take our candles seriously. Sometimes too seriously! We thought today would be a great day to take a step back and look at the more humorous side of the candle world. These prank candles are some of the best we could find, and many of them kept us in stitches for days!

FAIR WARNING: If you are easily offended, you might want to click away now. Some of these funny candles are pretty raunchy.

Karma, Whiskey River Soap

Whiskey River Soap has a number of (not-so) tongue-in-cheek candles with funny scent names and descriptions. Karma is one of our favorites for a number of reasons. If you aren’t prone to blushing, check out some more of their hilarious candles.

Garden Hoe, Malicious Women

You can get some pretty funny (and risque) candles at Malicious Women, but this particular one caused us to snicker. What we love about these is you can choose your scent and then bask in the wittiness.

Is You 30?, Huff Designs

No better way to say “mind your business” than with this hilarious candle from Huff Designs. There are a wide range of scents for your prank candle. They also have a number of candles you probably won’t take home to mom. Or maybe you will. I don’t know your mom like that.

Crying Unicorn, Fire Box

What’s funny about unicorns crying? Maybe it’s because we know even mythical creatures can have a bad day. In any case, we just can’t stop giggling every time we see this in action. This crying unicorn candle can be purchased at Fire Box.

PyroPet, 54 Celsius

PyroPet, 54 Celsius

Watching unicorns cry not your thing? We understand. Surprise your loved one with one of these cutesy unicorn PyroPet candles and watch the skeleton appear as the candle burns down. You can also choose from a reindeer, cat, dog, and more while shopping 54 Celsius.

Apple Pie, Joker Greeting

If you’re got a practical joker on your shopping list, pick him up a candle from Joker Greeting. Like this Apple Pie candle, they all start out smelling great. Then they morph into “gross sweaty swamp ass afterwards.” Their words, not mine! I haven’t been adventurous enough to try these, but the thought of gifting one to some of my frenemies sure makes my heart skip a beat.

There you have it! Our round-up of some of the best prank candles you can buy right now. Buy one or two or five and let us know how it goes.

Happy candle burning!

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