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At Candlefind, we think any occasion is a great occasion to buy more candles. That includes buying beer can candles for National Beer Can Appreciation Day. This day is always celebrated on January 24th, which hallmarks the day that beer was first sold in cans in 1935. Though there is some debate surrounding the first date, there is no argument about how far beer cans have come over the years. The first ones from Krueger Brewing Company were made of steel and weighed in at a hefty 4 ounces. What’s more, you had to get to the golden elixir with a church key! Seriously? 

Now that lightweight aluminum cans abound and microbreweries are popping up all over the place, there are plenty of opportunities for…you guessed it – beer can candles! We’ve rounded up some options for you to consider today while you celebrate with a cold one. 

Beer can candles for National Beer Can Appreciation Day
  1. Chop Top Bottle Company: This company has a number of options, but we can’t get over the Belching Beaver Brewery candle. 
  2. Swimlids Beer Can Candles: These soy beer can candles have tops that look like you’re about to pop the top of a cold one! Probably best to just burn this one, though. 
  3. 716 Candle Company: Even though many are sold out, this company still has several beer can candles available. Soy wax candles with your custom chosen scent. 
  4. Naturally Mignon: Check out this cool East Texas Pine Needle beer can candle. We bet this candle is big on scent, because everything’s bigger in Texas. 
  5. Wax & Tin Candle Company: This candle company offers a select group of beer can candles with cans from local craft breweries. You can even request a specific beer or brewery. 
  6. Cali Strong Candles: Here are some more soy candles wrapped up in beer candles for your scenting pleasure. What’s more is 10% of the proceeds are donated to ASPCA and the CA Fire Foundation. 

 This list should give you a good head start to get this celebration off to a great start. Enjoy!

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