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Clean Cotton candle was clean and fresh and had a great burn

Brand: Candle Escape

Type: 16oz apothecary style jar

Fragrance: Bamboo & Coconut

Scent Strength: Moderately Strong

I was recently introduced to Candle Escape candles, and boy – was I impressed! Their Clean Cotton candle was clean and fresh and had a great burn. I was excited to try this next one, Bamboo & Coconut.

First Impression of My Bamboo & Coconut Candle

This was another apothecary style jar which had that nice, clean look. A wooden lid came with this candle – when ordering, you can choose to get your candle with a genuine wood lid if that’s the look you prefer. I think the lid stepped the look up a notch and made the jar a little more elegant.

The cold sniff was DIVINE! It was so fresh and clean…and a little juicy! I smelled mostly the sweet coconut with some earthy green notes. The scent description from the website is this:

Top: Ozone, Green Floral
Middle: Coconut, Pineapple,
Green Leaves
Bottom: Wood,Vanilla

Reading the scent description made me realize why I got the somewhat juicy notes – the pineapple! I was sold on the cold sniff and couldn’t wait to light this baby.

I lit this candle in my large open living area and it did not take long for it to start spreading the joy. The sweet coconut was the main scent that I got. The freshness of the green notes helped tone down the sweetness. Once it had burned a few hours, I did get the undertones of the woodsy notes but just a hint. This was mostly coconut and crisp bamboo to me. Wonderful!

The scent was moderately strong and the throw was great. I could smell this candle burning all the way down the hall.

How Did My Bamboo & Coconut Candle Burn?

Perfect. It took a while to get a full melt pool – a couple of hours at least. The melt pool was even and fairly deep. I didn’t have any wax hanging up on the side walls and no black sooting. This was another clean burning candle.

Closing To My Bamboo & Coconut Candle  Review

I enjoyed my first candle from Candle Escape and this 2nd candle didn’t disappoint. The scent was fresh and clean with that bit of sweetness to make it a different kind of scent from Clean Cotton. The burn performance was fantastic – zero complaints there. If you like fresh, clean scents with a twist, Bamboo & Coconut might be just up your alley!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Happy candle burning ~

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