Candle Reviews by Avery Jordan


avery jordan scented candle reviewsGreetings fellow candle buddies!

My name is Avery and it’s confession time: I’m a Sniffer…. and, my “scent-sniffing” goes way back.   It doesn’t matter what form – candles, air fresheners, potpourri, simmer oils and wax tarts. I am so smitten with “scent,” my friends and family always request that I go shopping alone!  They don’t have an appreciation for the time I spend standing in front of scented objects, sniffing each one, then pushing the item toward their nose, saying “oooh, smell this one!”  And it’s just as well… I don’t want to be hurried!

This addiction began several years ago with one single Partylite Mulberry melt. A friend said that lighting her melter was the first thing she did when she came home,, the site for candle lovers and quite frankly, I thought the whole thing sounded sort of goofy. But she was persistent, she convinced me to buy a melter and give it a whirl…

After finding the Candlefind  Review Board,  I took the plunge and began ordering.  And ordering… (I went backwards – from melts I then tried candles!) Then, the Candlefind forum began.  Halleluiah! I could see that I was not alone.  Finally, there were others that understood the rituals of reading scent lists, plotting orders, waiting for packages and  organizing the loot! Oh – and the melting/burning part!  Don’t forget the melting/burning part!

I look forward to being part of the Review Team.  Since I like most scents ( hold the maple, please) I head into this adventure with excitement and an open mind!  We may not all agree on scents, but we all appreciate candle money well spent!

Happy candle shopping!

~ Avery