Audrey – Bijou Luxury Soy Candles ReviewAudrey

By Andrea Haskins

Brand: Bijou

Type: Soy

Fragrance: Audrey

Cost: $29

Scent Strength: Moderately Strong


I recently had my introduction to Bijou Soy Candles and boy…was I impressed! I was really looking forward to trying another scent in this candle line, and Audrey was sitting on my bookcase calling my name. Audrey is described as a Pink Bellini scent. I love pink, I love bubbly drinks,  and, so far, I was loving on these candles – perfect trifecta!



The Audrey 10.5-ounce candle was similar to the Bette candle I burned before. It came individually boxed and would be perfect for gift-giving as is. The vessel was an opaque jar with that classy, 22-k gold trim. Be still my heart.

The wax was off-white and there was a single wick in the center. The lettering on this candle spelled the name, “Audrey” on one side with the pink bellini description just underneath.




I had an idea of what Pink Bellini should smell like – I was thinking sweet, sticky, and bubbly. I was pleasantly surprised that this was just as much as floral scent as anything else. The scent description read:

Pink peony and white magnolia dance with citrus bitters and vanilla musk. This floral pirouette makes the necessary partner for, well, anything really.

Scent notes: champagne, girl power, lip gloss, the coolest sunglasses

This scent had soft floral notes right off the top. The floral was not overpowering – as some can be! – it was gentle and breezy, for lack of a better description. I didn’t get much vanilla on cold sniff, but it was lovely all the same.

Once I lit the candle, the complexity of the scent really began to take shape. The floral notes were there but I also smelled some of that bubbly sweetness I was looking for. The scent never got sticky, sweet or syrupy. It was just enough sweetness to soften the floral notes and to round out the entire scent. I found myself burning this candle most of the day and loving every minute of it!

The scent strength of Audrey was not overwhelming – I would consider it moderately strong. It was enough that I could tell it was burning every time I walked into my living space, but it didn’t travel on throughout the house. I actually find that perfect in a floral because they can become too much sometimes!




The candle had a nice, even burn with no black sooting. I had an even melt pool and the candle burned all the way down with no wasted wax on the sides. It was a slow-burning candle that I was able to enjoy for several days straight.




I’m still sold on Bijou candles. Bette was a great introduction (and my favorite) with Audrey coming in close behind. Audrey was not as strong to me as Bette, but it certainly held its own. The luxurious feel and strong performance of these candles will keep me coming back for more…again and Loved!again and…Well, you get the point!

Happy Candle burning!

~ Andrea

Presentation: 5/5
Authenticity: 4/5
Burn Performance: 5/5
Strength: 4/5

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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