by Christina RylanAromatique Candles

Brand: Aromatique

Type: 5oz candle in a glass

Fragrance: Fresh Fig and Summer Sorbet

Cost: $10.00

Scent Strength: Very strong


Introduction to my Review of Candles from Aromatique:

I love Aromatique candles… they’re one of my favorite luxury brands. They’re strong, consistent, the packaging and candles are gorgeous and they’re reasonably priced. Aromatique candles can be purchased online through their website, various online stores such as Scents & Sprays or a ton of small private stores across the country. To find local store near you, go to the Aromatique website to search for retail stores in your area.In this review, I tried two fragrances perfect for warm weather… Fresh Fig and Summer Sorbet.



Aromatique Candle ReviewWhat do my Candles from Aromatique Look Like?

The candles I tried wer called “candles in a glass” and are quite lovely and simply stated. The glass is thick, like a small cocktail glass with a beautiful and thick decorative ribbon wrapped around the face of the candle. There was a little “A” for Aromatique emblem attached to the ribbon (See picture for visual reference) Fresh Fig was an olive green color, Summer Sorbet was white. Both candles had one wick.




How did my Aromatique Candles Smell?

Aromatiques Fresh Fig Scented Candle

Fresh Fig
This was a really different scent for me and I’ve decided… I’m just not a “fig” person. Fresh Fig is described as:

Bold, beautiful, fresh and clean featuring fruity top notes, woody green notes, and musky sandalwood.

I’ve smelled this scent before (different variations anyway) and have never really cared for it… it’s just not my cup of tea. Quite a few friends and family members loved this scent and commented on it while I had it burning (they all loved it). I can’t describe the “fig” part at all… to me, this scent was fresh and zesty with maybe a bit of that “woody green note” described but, I couldn’t really make anything out Aromatiques Fresh Fig Scented Candlespecifically.Boy is this candle strong!! Because of the size, I started burning it in my power-room and after about 10 minutes, the scent completely overwhelmed that room and beyond. So I ended up moving it into my bedroom and man did this candle hold its own there. We’re talking a little 5oz candle here and the scent throw filled my bedroom, large master bath and you could even smell it before entering the room. I was amazed at the strength. On a scale of 1 to 10, this rates a 10+, easy!Even though I didn’t care for the scent itself… I know many of you would. Especially if you love earthy/fruity type scents Aromatiques Reed Diffusersthat are different or unique. I think this one qualifies as unique in my book.
I also tried the reed diffuser in this scent and man is it strong too! If you like reed diffusers, Aromatique’s are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! The bottles look like old fashioned perfume bottles with glass stoppers. It even came with a tiny funnel to make it easier pouring the fragrance oil in the bottle. The detail applied to all Aromatique products is very classy and top notch.

The fragrance that emanates from their reed diffusers is very strong. I have it in my guest bedroom and I don’t even need a candle or anything else in there. The diffuser does the job and fills the entire room with scent. I’ve had this going in my guest bedroom for over 2 months now so they are very long lasting. If you love to scent rooms but don’t have the time for candle maintenance… these are a great alternative.



Aromatiques Summer Sorbet Scented CandleSummer Sorbet

I’ve always wanted to try this scent from Aromatique and am so glad I finally did. I love the scent name “Summer Sorbet” and when I read the scent description, my nose twitched with anticipation… here’s the description:Summer sorbet

“This energizing combination of bright yellow and crisp white wood flowers,  resin lemon slices, green dolev pods, and bel fruit combines with the stimulating fragrance of citrus and melon to invigorate the room with sunshine freshness!”

That is a very interesting description and seems to have a bit of everything in it… floral, fruit, citrus, melon… but seriously folks, I have to ask… what on earth is a “green dolev pod”? They seriously had to have made that up! I even Googled “green doley pod” and nothing came up. Or, Aromatique created it just for this scent, who knows?

Aromatique Summer sorbetBack to my breakdown… bright yellow and crisp white wood flowers?… Hmm, didn’t really smell floral. Resin lemon slices? Not sure about the “resin” but I could totally make out lemon. This was a very vibrant and zesty scent and the lemon/citrus was very prominent. Bel fruit?… I’ve never smelled a “bel fruit” so I don’t know. Citrus and Melon?… definitely the citrus but my nose couldn’t really detect any melon.

Overall, I found this to be a complex fragrance just as the description indicates. There’s a lot going on in the mix but whatever it was, I liked it and thought it an excellent summer fragrance. It speaks sunshine and freshness…. a very bright, striking scent that I enjoyed from beginning to end.

The scent throw with this candle was strong too. On a scale of 1 to 10, this gets a 9, easily. I highly recommend this scent when you want a fruity and fresh scent throughout your home.



FlameHow did my candles from Aromatique burn?

It was a bit of a struggle getting complete melt pools but they ended up burning okay with minimal maintenance. A bit of wax residue was left on the glass but not enough to worry about.



Overall opinion of my candles and Aromatique:

Aromatique LogoLoved Summer Sorbet and will purchase this scent again for sure and probably in a bigger candle. Aromatique is an excellent brand that I’ve always had a great experience with. These candles are strong and very authentic. Definitely give this brand a try if you have the chance.

Happy Candle burning!

~ Christina

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Have you tried candles from Aromatique? Comment and star rate them below. We want to know what you think!!

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