Aromatique Candle Review

by Julia WootenAromatique scented candle review by Julia

Brand: Aromatique

Type: Container Candles

Fragrance: Orange & Evergreen
Citrus Plum Berry
Smell of Gardenia

Cost: $10.00 – $18.50

Scent Strength: Varied


Introduction to my Aromatique Scented Candle Review:

I’d heard the name Aromatique candles mentioned now and then, and I’d been curious about the brand, so when my friend gave me a few jars to try, I was more than happy to give them a go. Since this brand was new to me, it seemed only fitting that I would review them officially while I burned the variety of jar sizes and scents.Aromatique makes luxury home fragrance products like candles, potpourri, room sprays and oils. Their products can be found in retail locations all across the United States and Canada. The Aromatique website has a retail store locator feature that I found helpful. In fact, I was happy to discover three local gift shops in my own area currently carry Aromatique products. Retail locations are fun for sniffing scents first hand before purchasing, but even if there are no participating stores nearby, Aromatique has an online store where all of their current products are available.

The website layout took a few minutes to grow accustomed to, but once I got the hang of it, I found it to be pretty well organized. There are occasional sales on the website and I was able to sign up for their newsletter to keep up with any future promotions.



Aromatique Old World Candle - Pic pulled from Scents & Sprays websiteWhat do my candles from Aromatique look like?

I tried a selection of jar styles by Aromatique. The Orange & Evergreen scented candle was a single wicked, 15 ounce clear glass cylinder Old World container with a brown textured metal lid. It had an Aromatique tag attached to the lid with the scent name listed and it had a little wax seal type of hang tag with a letter “A” monogram stamped on it.

The Citrus Plum Berry candle was an interesting looking candle. It was a 7.3 oz fluted glass container that looked promising for shadow play and it had a silver lid.

The Smell of Gardenia jar was an elegant little 5 ounce glass. The clear glass had a decorative white ribbon wrapped around it with the Aromatique logo applique attached. The wax was dark green.



How did my candles from Aromatique smell?

Orange & Evergreen

“A natural orange fragrance touched with evergreen!”Aromatique Orange & Evergreen scented candle

Before reading the scent description, I expected evergreen with a touch of orange, for no other reason than that’s the usual blend of citrus and pine I’ve been smelling this year. I kept sniffing this jar thinking, Wow, the orange in this one is nice and strong. Eventually, I checked the official description for this scent and it made perfect sense. Orange & Evergreen has a much more prominent orange note than evergreen. Oh, the evergreen is there, giving the scent a wintery, almost holiday feel, but this scent is mostly a tangy sophisticated orange scent. I didn’t pick up much, if any, spice. The throw from this jar was quite good. I had it burning at the end of my hallway and the scent drifted around the house nicely.



Citrus Plum Berry

“A fragrant blending of citrus, plums, and berries touched by a hint of musky vanilla!”
Aromatique Citrus Plum Berry scented candle

Can a scent motivate us into action? Do we choose scents based on our current activities? I often do. So when I first sniffed Citrus Plum Berry cold, I decided this was the perfect match for my spring cleaning aspirations. I wanted something with a fresh, tangy zing… something to energize me into action. Citrus Plum Berry had that tangy, fruity zip. I could smell sweet plums, almost like sugarplums and tart citrus. The throw was decent for the jar size. It didn’t fill my largest area but it filled my bathroom with enough fragrance to make me want to stay in there and give the room a good scrubbing.

This was a nice blend of berries and citrus. It had a sweet, sparkly scent that reminded me of Christmas. I looked forward to seeing the candle flame dance inside the scalloped glass jar but the wax didn’t burn cleanly to the edges, and it left a thick layer of wax on the sides. Even though I enjoyed the scent, the candle itself didn’t burn as well as I had hoped.



Smell of Gardenia
Smell of Gardenia from Aromatique
“The smell of gardenia to add enchantment and romance to your home…”

This candle smelled exactly like a gardenia flower. Every once in a while I’m lucky enough to clip a gardenia flower in full bloom and keep it fresh long enough to get it home. I like to simply float a gardenia bloom  a small bowl of water. Gardenias are so fragrant, one is always enough for the whole living room. This candle smelled very realistic to me. I didn’t find any added fragrance notes in there muddying up the scent. It was a pure, true gardenia fragrance.

The small size of the jar kept the scent throw in check, but it easily scented my bedroom. The wax melted to the edges and the candle was slow burning and long lasting.



Candle flameHow did my candles burn?

Orange & Evergreen burned without incident. I needed to keep the wick trimmed down low to keep the jar soot free. The wax melted to the edges all the way down leaving no more than a film of residue behind. Citrus Plum Berry was in a smaller jar yet the wax pool never quite reached the edges, leaving behind a thick coating of wax on the sides. I had better luck with the smaller 5 oz. Smell of Gardenia candle. It burned evenly and cleanly and was long lasting.



Closing to my Aromatique review…

I enjoyed reviewing these candles from Aromatique. They had a sophisticated, elegant look and feel. The scents were robust in the jar sizes I tried. The “Candle in Glass” jar style worked best in my home. ItAromatique scented candles was a treat to finally test drive a candle brand that I had been curious about for so long.

Knowing Aromatique candles are available locally has me looking forward to checking out more scents, and sniffing them all right from the store shelves. Check out the Aromatique website and try the store locator. You may have a selection of Aromatique candles to choose from right under your own nose.

Happy candle burning!

~ Julia

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