Allure Home Fragrance Candles & Wax Melts
Allure Home Fragrance Mystery Shop Review
Allure Home Fragrance Candles & Wax Melts

Store Name: Allure Home Fragrances

Store Description: Allure Home Fragrance makes handmade candles and home fragrance items based out of Dallas, Texas. They have paraffin and soy product options.

Price range: $4.50 - $30

Address: US

  • Ordering Process
  • TAT
  • Unboxing Experience
  • Overall Impression of Products

Candlefind Says

Allure Home Fragrance has some luxurious products including high-quality wax melts and well-scented, decorative potpourri. 


  • Super fast TAT
  • Extra large votive candles
  • Luxurious packaging


  • No freebies included
  • Candle tunneling
  • Lighter scent on most items

Why Allure Home Fragrance

I received an email in my inbox one day, and the new owner of Allure Candles & Home Fragrance was speaking about her new acquisition of a company she had already dedicated years to learning and loving. I indentified with this email on so many levels, it compelled me to trip on over to the website and check things out. The fact that there was a 50% off coupon helped nudge things right on into my cart. 

Allure Home Fragrance Candles & Wax Melts

Products Ordered

  • Silver Bells potpourri
  • Guava Tangerine votives, set of 12
  • Sea Salt & Sage wax melts, clamshell
  • Birthday Cake wax melts, clamshell
  • Pomegranate Fig votive
  • Fresh Linen candle, 13.5oz

Freebies IncludedAllure Home Fragrance Candles & Wax Melts


Ordering Process

The website was really easy to navigate and fairly well laid out. All the different types of items are easy to locate using the navigational menus. Birthday Cake must be a huge seller because it had its own place on the navigational menu. It for sure prompted me to try something in this scent. I bought a mix of items on sale and items at full price. Checkout was super easy – I used a credit card for payment, but there were other options like PayPal. Shipping was added at checkout an was reasonable based on what I ordered. 


I ordered on a Wednesday and my order shipped out on Thursday. The package was delivered on Monday. Super fast TAT! 

Unboxing Experience

Everything was packaged so nice and neat. It did make opening this package a lot of fun. There was lots of cushioning to keep everything safe. The candle was in a gift box that made it so luxurious. The box of votives were packaged well as was the potpourri. Even the individual votive came in its own box, with a single matchstick keeping it closed. A lot of care went into packaging and it showed. 

Allure Home Fragrance Candles & Wax Melts

Impression of Individual Products

I went in blindly and just ordered a few things I thought I might like. There was a decent selection to choose from and I managed to get a good range of products and scents. Overall, I thought these were good products and there are some items I would repurchase. 

Product TypeScent NameScent DescriptionCommentsRepurchase?
PotpourriSilver BellsThere is no denying this blended perfection! The most amazing orange spice fragrance meets our best selling fragrance, Vanilla Almond in the holiday version of a fan favorite, Ambrosia.This was a fun product to use. It smelled more like a cinnamon spice to me. I didn’t really get the other notes. Still, it was very pretty and well scented. No
Clamshell Wax MeltBirthday CakeBirthday Cake is our World Famous best-seller that smells of freshly baked sweet cake. Delicious and moderately strong. This smelled more like wedding cake to me, with some strong cherry notes. Yes
Clamshell Wax MeltSea Salt & SageSea Salt & Sage is comprised of sea salt, beach sage and cedar. Loved this one – very spa like. Ozone-y notes and a little salty. On the milder side but it threw well. Yes
VotivePomegranate & FigA unique blend of orange, fig, and earthy musk.Earthy with a little hint of sweetness. Unique mix that was enjoyable. This was a larger than standard votive that did scent a small bathroom well. No, as I don’t prefer to use votives much.
VotiveGuava TangerineThis clean and refreshing springtime blend is the perfect pairing of sweet guava and tangerine with fragrant florals. (from the potpourri scent description)Tart and fruity. No florals, but I think that was just for the potpourri. This scent was lighter than I would have liked. The votives were huge and burned well. No, as I don’t prefer to use votives much.
CandleFresh Linen

Fresh Linen has the refreshingly subtle aroma of clean sheets.

Very nice fresh, clean scent. A little perfumey. The scent was moderately strong with a good throw. The candle did not burn well – lots of wasted wax on the sides. No


Final Thoughts

This was a mixed bag experience. I loved most of the scents, but some were lighter than I would have liked. The candle was a bust for me as far as the burn quality. The votives were much nicer, but fair warning – they are HUGE and require more than a standard votive holder for proper burning. The plus for this is that their votives do scent small spaces a lot better than standard votives. I would definitely give this company another try and most likely stick with just the wax melts in the future. 

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