Aesthetic Conent Candle

Sereno Seas & Lavender Pera Bianca, Aesthetic Content Candle Review

By Avery Jordan

Brand: Aesthetic Content

Size: 9.5 oz

Sereno Seas
Lavender Pera Bianca

Price: $36.00


Introduction to my Aesthetic Content Review:

It’s a lot of fun reviewing candles from companies that are new to us here at Candlefind and this is definitely a new company I was excited to experience!  I have to say, when you find a new candle line that impresses you and this company absolutely impressed me… it sometimes can be hard getting started – especially when the companies presentation is so pretty – it’s hard tearing everything apart and start burning!

That was my situation with the candles from Aesthetic Content.  They sat on my counter for a whole week before I got to work… I couldn’t help it, I just wanted to look at them for a while.  The packaging was gorgeous with a pretty “ombre” style label on the top of the clear plastic container the candle is housed in.  Inside you see a beautiful white opaque glass container with a unique cork lid. The style was sleek and modern.  Even my husband stopped on one pass through the kitchen and asked about them!

A little about the company – – Aesthetic Content sells contemporary home furnishings which includes scented candles containing “no dyes, pesticides, sulfates, parabens or major allergens,” which is great for candle lovers who are health conscious and want the cleanest burning candles possible. They also state their candles are clean burning and virtually soot & smoke free.  Nice! And bonus… they are crafted in the USA with a soy wax blend.

Both candles I tested were 9.5 oz. and it appears they have a 50 hour burn time.  The two fragrances I received – –  Sereno Seas and Lavender Pera Bianca. Both sounded amazing!


What did my candle smell like?

Sereno Seas

Scent description:spa girl 

Serene ocean breezes captured in currents of turquoise sea water, clean cucumber, fresh melon and sun-dried white cedar driftwood.

First impression, this candle smelled complex.  Is it possible for a scent to be sweet and crisp at the same time?  I could smell the ozone-type breeze, the sweetness of melon and a little crisp cucumber. It was a nice soothing spa-type scent which happens to be my favorite type of fragrance! SCORE!!

Spa type scents tend to be light for me but I decided to go big and lit this candle in a big room to test. I figured I could always downsize if needed but luckily, I didn’t have to. This fragrance was amazing in a large room.

Once I lit my candle, I closed the door and came back about 30 minutes later to check on it.  Wow!  I was not expecting the scent to be as strong as it was!  The scent was not as complex once burning.  To me, the cucumber was the most noticeable.  (Still very spa!)  Not only did the scent cover the entire room, but by the hour mark it was escaping down the hall! Impressive!



lavender Lavender Pera Bianca

Scent description:

Rich white pear, pure French lavender, jasmine blossoms & Tahitian vanilla bean. 

This scent was lovely – lavender being the strongest note with a little hint of vanilla on cold sniff.  While the other elements in the description may make it a delightful blend, I could not pull them out individually.  All I could detect was herbal lavender with hints of sweet vanilla. Loved it! Mainly because I’m a huge fan of lavender, the botanical one, not the artificial room-spray kind, and this fragrance was right up my alley!

Strength… this was not as strong as Sereno Seas so for maximum scent throw, I I found the best place to burn this candle was in my powder room.  My only critique… I wish it would have been a wee bit stronger since I really liked it. Had it been, I would have been in heaven.



candle-flameHow did my candles burn?

As they state, these candles burned clean, no soot, and the wick required normal trimming between burns.  The flyer that comes with the candles say they are designed to burn for 2- 3 hours at a time, and to be sure to burn that long for a full melt pool and to prevent tunneling.  I agree with the 2-3 hour limit – not only for performance and safety, but my scent started to smell a little hot by the third hour. I am pretty sure that toasted cucumber is not a highly requested scent!

The wick on both of these candles was slightly off kilter.  Not a lot – not enough to tunnel, but a thin line of wax remained on one side of the glass unless I nudged the wick over a bit.



Closing to my review:

I really enjoyed both candles I sampled. Sereno Seas was amazingly strong giving off a fresh spa like scent that happily surprised me. Lavender Pera Bianca was lovely (and my favorite) but lightly scented so should you give this one a try… start it in a small room and go from there.Woman Showing Thumb Up Sign

Oh and did I mentioned how attractive these candles are? They are gorgeous!! So modern and sleek fitting into any decor in your home. Price wise… they are mid-range for a luxury brand which makes them nice gifts for special occasions or better yet… perfect to simply pamper yourself.  Another great feature to these candles… how stunning they were once lit.  The flame illuminates the milky white glass and since there are no labels to detract, they are quite beautiful!

Overall, this was a great experience!

Happy candle burning!

~ Avery

Visit Aesthetic Content

Presentation: 5
Authenticity: 4
Burn Performance: 5
Strength: Sereno Seas – 5 / Lavender Pera Bianca – 3

Overall Rating:  4.5

Have you tried candles from Aesthetic Content? Review then with Avery… it’s easy. Simply write your review and star rate your experience in the comment section below.

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