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Accessorizing your personal space can be a bit challenging for a guy, especially if he is hoping to make a great first impression on a date. After all, if you fail to impress someone the first time, you may never get that chance again. Candles make a bold Guys like candles too. :)statement, but do not have to be only for those guys trying to connect with their feminine side.

You do not have to be trying to “set the mood” for romance with candles, and they can be great for everyday use too. Although they are far more common in women’s homes, they are gaining popularity amongst the guys for many different reasons. Here are some tips for adding candles to your bachelor pad.

Candles are romantic, but have many other benefits.

Although setting the mood is a good reason for using candles to accessorize a few rooms in the house, mood lighting is about more than romance. It is also about de-stressing, reducing anxiety, unwinding, and finding some peace at the end of the day. It can also be a great way to revive yourself after a sleepless night, or for some extra energy anytime.

Candles are perfect accessories for any room.

There are some accessories that work well in a particular room, but candles are very versatile and are great for just about any space. You can move them to another room without having to worry about them blending in with the rest of your decor. Scent does not affect your decor per se, and you can take a candle to a different room, shifting the scents to keep things fresh and unique. You can show off some creativity and inspiration with scent, color, shape, texture, and much more with a few simple candles, without spending much money.


Scent makes a great first impression.

If you walk into someone’s home, the way that it smells is often one of the first things that you notice about the house. When a home smells bad, you associate the bad smell with the home, and sometimes even the person. For example: John goes over to Julia’s home for the first time, noting that it smells strongly of onions and garlic. The smell is not necessarily bad, but from thatDecorating a bachelors pad point onward John may well remember Julia’s home as the one that smelled like onions, even if the decor was beautiful. He could also say that her home was beautiful, but for the smell therein.

It is hard to pick the wrong scent.

Color coordination can be very confusing for a guy, especially one without a lot of experience in this area. Since scent does not have to be coordinated with the color, texture, décor, or tone in the room, it is nearly impossible to add the wrong candle. Use the scent to set the mood, instead of worrying about matching the scent to the mood. This makes creating your personal space much easier, even for a bachelor.


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