9 beautiful candles almost too pretty to burn

You buy the candle. Light the candle. Smell the candle. Wash, rinse, repeat. That seems to be the whole point of it all, doesn’t it? Yet there are some beautiful candles that just seem to defy this notion. They gaze back at you lovingly in their pretty vessels and shapes. Daring you to light them if you can. It’s ok. We’re here for support. As we round up our list of beauties, we want to assure you that it’s ok to light them all.

1. Evoke, 9 to 5

evoke 9 to 5 candle
The uplifting, sweet pink grapefruit scent of 9 To 5 is a perfect way to pick up your mood after a long day of slogging away at work. With its fuchsia colored jar and hand applied Swarovski Crystals, this candle is as bright and shiny as Ms. Dolly herself! So, kick off your shoes, light this candle and pour yourself a glass of bubbly – you deserve it! ~Evoke Candle Company

We are partial to pink, but there is no denying the beauty of this candle from Evoke Candle Company. The brightly colored vessel, the addition of the Swarovski crystals. The zesty grapefruit scent is delectable, though, and you’ll want to light this one again and again.

2. Rigaud, Lavande

Rigaud Lavande Candle
Lavande Moderne is a real Mediterranean touch which will bring you softness and sun and remind you the beautiful purple fields of the French Provence area. ~ Rigaud

This luxurious candle from Rigaud looks amazing on the shelf with its pastel-colored wax and coordinating ribbon. The soft lavender scent it emits once burned is equally beautiful, so go ahead and light this one up to enjoy.

3. Pier 1, Oceans Layered Pillar Candle

Pier1 Oceans Candle
A tranquil mix of jonquil, fresh marine ozone and just a hint of precious woods. ~Pier 1

The gorgeous layers of this Pier 1 candle just make it mesmerizing. It also gives off a gentle scent while sitting out in the open, unlit. But this candle is so reasonably priced, it’s ok to light it and enjoy it in full glory.

4. Voluspa, Rose Petal Ice Cream

Voluspa Rose Petal Ice Cream Candle
Notes of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Tart Raspberry Ribbon, Marshmallow Vanilla Crème & Sugared Rose Petals ~ Voluspa

Voluspa makes lovely candles, including this gorgeous scent of Rose Petal Ice Cream. It’s hard to imagine lighting this beauty, but it’s ok…they make plenty more!

5. Overose, Euphoriasme

Overose Euphoriasme Candle

The candle wax is the same shade as the vessel – swoon! Go ahead and light it, as the melted wax turns such a beautiful shade of purple. This Overose candle is scented with a wonderful bakery/floral mix that is simply amazing.

6. Diana Vreeland, Simply Divine

This elegant fragrance is a blooming interpretation of the tuberose while allowing the freshness of the flower’s crushed green leaves to illuminate as well. ~ Diana Vreeland

If you are a floral candle fan, don’t pass up Diana Vreeland’s Simply Divine candle. This tuberose delight is just that…simply divine. It has a beautiful colored wax pool once burning, so burn, baby, burn!

7. Fornasetti, Flora

Fornasetti Flora Candle
The elegant white floral bouquet scent is inspired by the lush flora that fills the gardens that envelope the Fornasetti house in Milan, and by the floral imagery created by Piero Fornasetti. ~ Amara

This Fornasetti candle can be bought at Amara and it is hauntingly beautiful. If you’re willing to splurge for this beauty, be even braver and burn it for the lovely floral fragrance.

8. Otherland, Glass Pop

Overland Glass Pop
Strawberry Gloss • Hard Candy • Frosted Rose ~ Overland

Yeah, we’re partial to pink and it shows here again as we gush over Otherland’s Glass Pop candle. So pretty and so sweet…you have to burn this one just to have an excuse to buy more.

9. Baobab, Nirvana Spirit

Baobab Nirvana Holy Candle
Its perfume is both floral and light, a blend of lily of the valley, musk, and cyprus, and has a calming and relaxing effect. ~ Baobab

Go big or go home. That’s the concept with these massive candles from Baobab. Nirvana Holy provides a lovely, light floral fragrance that’s sure to please for hours on end. For 800 hours, to be exact, if you get the largest style.

There you have it. Nine breathtakingly beautiful candles that are simply gorgeous…but trust us, they are even more beautiful to burn. Go ahead and light one. You can always #buymorecandles.

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