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Scented Votives Review: 5B & Co.


by Dawn Meyers

Brand: 5B & Co.5b & co.,5b & co candles,5b and company candles

Santa’s Whiskers
Hot Cocoa
Getting Figgy With It

Type: Votives

Cost: $1.75

Scent Strength: Well fragranced


Introduction to My 5B & Co. Candle Review…

As I wrote before, my family recently relocated.  I’m not a real adventurous person so this move was very out of character!  I’m finding though that there’s something to be said for discovering a new place.  I am having a lot of fun exploring this new area, and new region.  The Mid West is very, very different than the West Coast!  The people here are very friendly and willing to go out of their way to help you.  I found this in spades at a new (to me!) candle place, 5B & Co.

I have two friends here that took me out for a day of fun and shopping, and the very first stop was 5B & Co.  These two women were so excited to show5b & co.,5b & co candles,5b and company candles their fellow candle addict a fun candle store, and after going there I can’t blame them.  5B & Co. is a company with three store fronts in the Kansas City metro area, but lucky for candle lovers everywhere they also have a web store!

This company has the cutest names for their scents.  Who wouldn’t want to try an odor eliminator called Get The Smell Outta Here, or the super odor eliminator aptly named Glenn And The Bean Dip?  I found myself laughing out loud at scents like Mum’s The Word, Freesia.. Wouldn’t Want To Be Ya!, I’m The Boss Applesauce and Lounge Lizard.  As I shopped I thought this would be a perfect company to introduce to our CandleFind readers, so I picked up some Christmas scents to review for you.  See the sacrifices I make for you?!  I settled on Santa’s Whiskers and Hot Cocoa (which I had to buy online because they are seasonal), and Getting Figgy With It was suggested by the shop owner Lori who was very helpful and friendly.  She said that it’s a holiday best seller.



What Do My Votives Smell Like?

Santa’s Whiskers:5b & co.,5b & co candles,5b and company candles

The official description for this scent is Gingersnap with a hint of ho-ho-ho.  Hello, to the queen of bakery scents this was not just calling my name so much as screaming at me “take me home!!”  I decided to try something a little different and use my new votive melter for this scent.  I popped it in and realized that votive melters take forever!  When my votive finally melted I got a really nice scent.  It was a light scent but nice.  I think the ho ho ho part must be pine. I smelled gingersnap and pine and I asked my son what he smelled.  He said “gingerbread and pine, two good Christmas smells.”  I really like this one because it’s not your usual holiday scent. I think I would burn two of these at a time to get a stronger scent next time though.



Getting Figgy With It: 5b & co.,5b & co candles,5b and company candles

5B describes this scent as A Christmas Fig.  I decided to ditch the votive melter and go with good old fashioned burning for this scent.  I lit two votives in standard tight fitting votive cups and waited.  In about 30 minutes I had the greatest smell in my office.  I would describe it as a muted fruit scent.  It seems very sophisticated to my nose.  It’s fruity, but also sort of earthy and not sweet at all.  This isn’t the kind of scent I would pick out for myself so I’m really glad it was suggested to me.  I was surprised that I enjoyed it since I usually gravitate toward bakery and spicy scents.  I would buy this one again.




Hot Cocoa: 5b & co.,5b & co candles,5b and company candles

I again decided to burn and not melt these, and also lit two.  This scent was very sweet and strong!  I smelled chocolate but also something else I couldn’t quite pin down.  I went to the site to look up the fragrance description which is marshmallow and chocolate. That was it!  This scent has a marshmallow undertone to it that makes it sweeter and a little more complex than I expected.  I LOVED this scent.  It was my favorite of the three and I’ll be buying more for the holidays for sure.  These took about 20 minutes to scent the room, and I mean the whole room.  This was interestingly enough the strongest fragrance that I tried.  I would have expected the pine scent to be stronger, but go figure.



How Did My Votives Burn?

As long as I kept my wicks trimmed I had no smoking, sooting or out of control flames. These initially had a ring of wax that didn’t liquefy, but after a while it burned down on it’s own.



Overall Opinion Of My Votives and 5B & Co.

I really had fun shopping at t5b & co.,5b & co candles,5b and company candleshis company, both in the store front and online.  I feel like I have discovered hidden treasure!  The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and the service is excellent. The scent selection is amazing and I already have my eye on some fragrances for the warm months. These votives are good enough to give as gifts and I really appreciate that with the holiday season fast approaching.

I will be shopping at 5B & Co. every opportunity I get.  Give them a try!

Happy candle  burning!

~ Dawn

Click here to shop for candles from 5B & Co.

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I have a sincere passion for candles, being mesmerized from the moment I saw my first flickering flame.

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