Candles make the perfect centerpieces to a Thanksgiving table or any table in your home for that matter. Here are 5 Thanksgiving candles perfect for a Thanksgiving setting.


Harvest Pumpkin Candle from Circle E Candles


Nothing brings in Fall or Thanksgiving like a huge Harvest Pumpkin candle from Circle E Candles.

They are massive at 68 ounces… just imagine the size of a 68oz candle in the shape of a pumpkin!! What a beautiful centerpiece this would make at any table in your home, especially Thanksgiving dinner. My only worry is…. it will be too pretty to burn. Priced at $52.00

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Centerpiece Pumpkins from Goose Creek Candles

These gorgeous pumpkin candles are a whopping 70 ounces and HUGE!!! Available in a nice variety of fall fragrances. These candles would make a perfect centerpiece to any table. Or, can you say perfect gift?

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Feast from Bath & Body Works


You can always find a seasonal scent at Bath & Body Works. Feast looks perfect for any Fall or Thanksgiving table. Maple sugar, almond bark and creamy vanilla make up this fragrance. Sounds delicious!

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Clove Pomander from Voluspa


Crushed red clove blended with pear, bergamot and nutmeg creating a luxurious fall fragrance. A perfect fragrance to compliment  any Thanksgiving feast.

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Pumpkin Pie from Pure Integrity Candles


No Thanksgiving festivity is complete without the scent of pure and delicious Pumpkin Pie and Pure Integrity has the BEST!! And we’re not kidding. Compare this candle to a real baked pumpkin pie and you’ll be hard pressed to tell the difference… it smells that realistic. A must have to all Pumpkin Pie lovers!!

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Happy Thanksgiving candle lovers!

~ Christina

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