With Christmas right around the corner, I thought it would be a great time to list my 5 favorite Christmas Tree scented candles. It’s one of the fragrances I love to burn the month of December. My excuse… I have a fake tree but still want that fresh Christmas tree scent wafting through my home. My solution…. SCENTED CANDLES!

There really is nothing like the fresh scent of balsam and fir from a real tree but we all aren’t lucky enough to have the real deal. For those who can’t…. candles are the next best thing and there are some great and authentic ones to be had.

First up.


Smell of the Tree from Aromatique


I could not find a scent description for this fragrance which I found odd but I suppose one really isn’t needed. The name says it all. This candle is not only festive and beautiful… it smells exactly like a freshly cut Christmas tree.  Very authentic and boy is it strong!! Highly recommend this candle for it’s beauty and authentic fragrance.

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Holiday Forest from Pier 1 Imports

Christmas tree scented candles

This candle is a must have if you love the smell of Christmas trees and are after a gorgeous candle to boot. The lid on this candle is too cool for words… a decorate Christmas tree adorns the top with pure white and fragrant wax that will scent your home with the fresh aroma of Balsam and pine.  I also recently reviewed it – link here. Love this candle!

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Holiday Wreath from Gold Canyon Candle

Holiday Wreath Candle

Holiday Wreath from Gold Canyon is a classic Christmas tree scent that will fill your entire home with the scent of balsam and fir. It’s very strong and extremely authentic. This is my husbands favorite fragrance and he still loves Gold Canyon’s version to date. Highly recommend  this candle for those who love the scent of a fresh Christmas tree.

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Frasier Fir Candle from Thymes


Frasier Fir has become my new favorite candle to burn during the holidays. It’s AMAZING, so authentic and beyond strong. I reviewed it last year and instantly fell in love – link to review here.  If you love luxury brands and don’t mind the price tag… this is a must try.

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Victorian Christmas from Pure Integrity


From Pure Integrity’s website: “An exquisite aroma of natural evergreen beautifully combined with an array of Christmas spices.”  – and that’s exactly what this fragrance smells like. A true Christmas tree scent that magically fills your home with the pure and fresh scent of evergreen. It’s wonderful.

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And that concludes our journey with our 5 favorite Christmas tree scented candles. All five are tried and true candles we highly recommend.

Happy candle hunting!

~ Christina

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