Candlefind Best Candles That Smell Like Candy

While June is most often touted for being National Rose Month (check out our picks of some great rose scented candles), it so happens that June is also National Candy Month. Sweet…literally! We’ve rounded up five of the yummiest candles that smell like candy to help you save that extra trip to the dentist.

Unicorn Rights, Classy Smashed

Classy Smashed Unicorn Rights candle on bright pink background

Everybody has rights, including unicorns. Am I right, or am I right? According to Classy Smashed, those rights smell just like cotton candy. Works for me! This sweet candy smelling candle will knock your socks off. Yum!

Sugary Lollipop, Madison Valley Soy Candles

Madison Valley Soy Candles red Sugary Lollipop Candle

We’ve reviewed this Sugary Lollipop candle from Madison Valley Soy Candles here on Candlefind before. Our reviewer found the scent so authentic and strong…just like walking into a candy store! These soy candles are high quality and this particular candy scented candle is oh-so-fine.

Crushed Candy Cane, Voluspa

Crushed Candy Cane

Ok, so Crushed Candy Cane is not a pure candy scented candle. There are distinct bakery notes found here (in the form of freshly baked vanilla cookies), but the mix of the cane with the cookie? The deliciousness can’t be denied! This affordably luxurious candle from Voluspa is a great addition to our candy scented candle lineup.

Fruit Slices, Pure Integrity

Fruit Slices - Pure Integrity

Fruit Slices from Pure Integrity has the realistic, sweet fruity scent of those delectable sugared gummies. Our prior review of Fruit Slices found this one fruity, tangy, and strong. Just like you’d want in a candy scented candle! This is one of their best sellers and has been on their scent list for years. That speaks volumes!

White Chocolate Mint, Shortie’s Candle Company

White Chocolate Mint from Shortie’s Candle Company is an incredibly smooth and authentic candy scented candle. It smells just like one of those minty, chocolate coated candies – yum! The strength is really, really good…just as we’d expect from Shortie’s. This particular fragrance is good all year long, but we especially love it during the holidays.

That’s our lineup of 5 of the best candy scented candles on the market you can buy today. These candles are sure to satisfy that sweet tooth and keep your dental bills in check. Enjoy the rest of National Candy Month with one (or more) of these little goodies.

Did we miss your favorite candy scented candle? Do tell! 

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