Best Stocking Stuffer Candle Gifts

Let’s face it…we all love candles and we can’t imagine anyone who is not eating, breathing, or dreaming about them. Ok, maybe that’s a little extreme, but we know our own obsession with candles doesn’t necessarily carry over to others.

Still, there are some GREAT candles to be had and the holiday season is high time to introduce (more) of our family and friends to some of the best of the best. Want to impress without breaking the bank? Try our suggestions for the 2019 best stocking stuffer candles on the market…and shine like that superstar we all know you are!

  1. Capri Blue “Volcano” tin candle, $9: This is the signature scent in Anthropologie stores. Just walk in any one of those stores and be blown away. The tropical fruitiness doesn’t scream ‘holiday,’ but it’s so good you’re sure to be considered the favorite niece/nephew for years to come.
  2. Illume “Noble Fir” tree candle, $26: Looking for a more Christmas-y scent? Not only will this Balsam & Cedar candle fit the scent bill, but it will also up the ante in the holiday decor department. This will be super cute to display year in and year out. The gift that keeps giving!
  3. Thymes “Frasier Fir” pine needle candle, $30: This classic scent is to-die-for. We have found it one of the most realistic tree-scented candles on the market, and the pine needle vessel can be displayed all year ’round. Score!
  4. Seventh Avenue Apothecary “Frasier Fir + Thyme” travel tin, $17.50: We recently fell in love with this scent and we are tickled pink to find it available in travel tin form – with two wicks at that! If you’re looking for a little bit of a twist on the traditional Christmas tree scent, stuff this candle into a stocking or two and sit back to wait on the praise.
  5. Andrea Schroder “Red Currant & Spice” candle, $35: Have a candle friend who thinks they’ve tried it all? Surprise them with this festive and fruity luxury candle from Andrea Schroder. You’ll get to wax poetic about these lovely coconut wax candles you’ve been burning for years. We won’t tell.
  6. Agraria “Balsam” petite candle, $25: Wanting to really impress? Dish out this luxury brand but in a much smaller form. Their petite candles are very affordable, smell great, and look oh-so-fine. Be sure to snag one for yourself. All this stuffing of stockings is hard work…you deserve it. You’re welcome.

There you have it – our roundup of the 2019 best stocking stuffer candles.

Have a brand we missed that would make for a great stocking stuffer candle? Chime in and let us know!

Happy candle shopping!

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