Fresh Cut Roses & Love Struck Candles – Gold Canyon CandlesValente Candles Review, Scented Candles Review.

by Christina Rylan

Brand: Gold Canyon Candle

Scent: Love Struck & Fresh Cut Roses

Type: 16oz signatures series jars

Cost: $14.98

Burn time: Approx 140 hours

Scent Strength: Well fragranced, excellent scent throws


Introduction to My Valentine Gold Canyon Candle Review…

Here is my second Valentines Day review Gold Canyon Candle style. I love this company and have burned these candles for years. Gold Canyon actually paved my way to the world of scented candles and their products have always exceeded my expectations. Until they prove Valente Candles Review, Scented Candles Review.otherwise, I’ll always be a loyal customer. This company has plenty of scents to please just about all of us and are now offering many different styles of candles for all types of tastes and decor. ant it. Why that is so hard to understand is beyond me!

Valentines Day, the day of love and romance and one of the only acceptable days your honey gets to buy you flowers and gifts without being in the dog-house. It’s a day of candle lit dinners, wine, chocolates, flowers¦ and what better way to create a romantic atmosphere than to burn scented candles? Browsing through Gold Canyons scent list, the two that came to mind for Valentines Day were Fresh Cut Roses and Love Struck.


gold cayon fresh cut roses
What Do My 16oz Candles from Gold Canyon Look Like?

The jars I burned are from Gold Canyons signature series. They’re the classic glass apothecary style jars with Gold Canyon Labels on them with glass dome lids. My candles are double wicked (my favorite). Fresh Cut Roses is a deep red & Love Struck is pink. Very Valentines Day colors.



How Did My Fresh Cut Roses & Love Struck Candles Smell? 

Fresh Cut Roses:Water drops and roses

It’s said that Valentines Day isn’t Valentines Day without red roses. I love getting roses any day of the year and I do like the fragrance when holding a bouquet up to my nose – but to smell it throughout my house? No way! It’s just not my kind of scent. I’m reviewing it because it’s such a popular Valentine’s Day scent and I know a lot of people do like it. So here we go…..

Fresh Cut Roses candle from Gold Canyon smelled very authentic to me. It was so strong just smelling it unlit, it almost made my eyes water. WOW! One candle is more than enough to fragrance an entire house. I lit my Rose candle in my great-room in the morning and very soon after, the fragrance was pretty prominent throughout my entire upper level. Man is this candle strong, it was like I had dozens of red rose bouquets placed all throughout my house. My great aunt absolutely loves this candle and I’ve sent her many renditions but this is by far her favorite. You’ll see what I mean when you pop open the lid. The scent description out of Gold Canyons Catalog for this scent is:

“A romantic bouquet of delicate scents such as fresh roses and lilac.”

These are not delicate scents to me, they’re strong and heavy ones but I’m splitting hairs. Sorry. I don’t smell lilac at all, I smell red roses and that’s it. I think Fresh Cut Roses candle is a perfect Valentines Day candle if you like the smell of fresh roses blooming throughout your house. I have to tell you the funniest part of my reviewing this fragrance was the look on my husband’s face when he came home from work and took a whiff of the air, (laughing hysterically.) It was hilarious and after an hour or so, he was literally begging me to put it out. He did not like it at all. 🙂



Couple kissingLove Struck:

Now I liked this fragrance and it’s supposed to have a hint of roses & violet in it. I don’t mind floral, don’t get me wrong… I just prefer it to be subtle rather than dominate. The scent description for this fragrance in Gold Canyons catalog is:

“A striking harmony of sweet citrus, rose and violet blended with hints of musk.”

To me, this is a complex fragrance. I do smell a bit of everything above but it’s blended so well that I couldn’t break any one scent apart from the other. It smells fruity with a touch of floral at the same time and it’s very flowing and soft. It’s a very beautiful scent. My husband even liked it so that tells you something after the Fresh Cut Roses fiasco.

I think this is a very romantic fragrance and wins hands down as my choice for Valentines Day. Love Struck has a bit of everything in it, soft florals for those who love the smell of flowers along with citrus & musk for you fruit lovers out there. It a perfect blend of everything romantic with an added bit of sensuality. It’s utterly feminine but a man pleaser too.



candle flameHow Did Fresh Cut Roses & Love Struck Candles Burn?

My candle were double wicked and burned perfect. I’ve never had a problem with any Gold Canyon candles, nary a one. With my wicks trimmed, no smoke or soot either.


Overall Opinion of My Candles from Gold Canyon Candle Company:

Love Gold Canyon Candles, I always have. They make some fantastic candles that are strong, consistent and long lasting. I don’t think I’ve ever burned one candle that hasn’t given a great scent throw and I’ve burned just about every fragrance they’ve made.

This company is party based which means if you want to buy these candles, you have to find a local rep or you can find one online.

Fresh Cut Roses and Love Struck are both great choices to burn on Valentine’s Day or to give as gifts to your sweeties. Both filled my home with strong fragrance and burned perfectly.

Happy candle burning!

~ Christina

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