Yep, Fall is officially here candle lovers and I’ve got some good ones to recommend this year I personally have either tried and love or can’t wait to try!! I attempted to stick to ten choices but ended up with eleven. I could seriously have  gone to twenty – twenty-five but that would have been waaaaay too long of a post. So, here goes!! Happy Fall!!

First up… my absolute FAVORITE Pumpkin Pie candle on the planet and it’s from Pure Integrity.


Pumpkin Pie from Pure Integrity Candles

Pumpkin Pie - Pure Integrity

This candle may look very simple in design but trust me when I say it will be the last Pumpkin Pie scent you will ever purchase. That’s if you’re after the most authentic Pumpkin Pie on the planet. This one has it all, the pumpkin puree, the crust, the spices, the whipped cream. Even the nutmeg can be detected with ease and it simply smells like your nose is up to a freshly baked pumpkin pie. LOVE!!

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Pumpkin Cider Apple from Pier 1

Pumpkin Cider Apple

A tasty blend of pumpkin, apple and melon is spiced with nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon and rests easily on a familiar yet exotic fusion of vanilla and patchouli—all in a decorative jar that’s pretty enough to give or enjoy for yourself.

I haven’t purchased this candle yet but look how darling it is! A perfect decor piece in your home as well as for scenting. I’m definitely picking one up when I’m at Pier 1.

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Simmered Cider from Thymes

Simmered Cider

A simmering blend of freshly-pressed apples mulled with crushed clove, cardamom, with hints of bourbon and malted rum. It’s a rich, spicy scent that’s steeped in tradition. 

Would you look at that candle!! That alone is worth the purchase and one I would be hard pressed to actually burn, it’s so gorgeous. The description though has my mouth watering and I’m in!!

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Cornbread & Honey from 1803 Candles

Cornbread & Honey

This country inspired scent is one that holds a special place in our hearts. The golden brown color of the cornbread as it cools on the counter begs to be eaten with a dollop flavoring enhancing honey butter. Our Cornbread & Honey soy jar candle will keep your mouth watering for days to come.

Mmmm!! Had to get a bakery scent in here and 1803 has some of the BEST!! I can already smell and taste it.  Don’t care for cornbread or bakery scents? No worries. They have a ton of pumpkin and spicy scents worth checking out as well. You can’t go wrong with any scent from 1803.

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Autumn Trail from Bath & Body Works

Autumn Trail

Evening Air, Woodland Moss, Warm Black Pepper, White Amber

If you love Fall fragrances, Bath & Body Works has a TON out right now. At least a dozen or more. Autumn Trail above is just one that caught my attention. Love the coloring and can’t wait to smell this one.

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Caramel Pumpkin Kiss from Gold Canyon

Caramel Pumpkin Kiss

Creamed butter. Enchanting peach. Sweet maple.

Mmmm!! Gold Canyon has always turned out some great Fall fragrances and this one I can’t wait to try. Caramel and pumpkin? Oh yes please!

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Gathering from Bridgewater Candle Co

Gathering Bridgewater Candle

Radiating with golden warmth and sprightly spice, Gathering ushers the olfactory sense to fond inner circles of comfy familiarity. Crystalized Bosc pear bids an amicable welcome followed by delectable encounters of cinnamon and clove. Gourmand garnishes of rich baked vanilla seal the fragrance in an unforgettable sweetness that leave the senses in a state of pure satisfaction.

Mmm!! I keep overlooking Bridgewater Candles and I need to change that. They have some pretty awesome scents worth checking out and Gathering sounds amazing!

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Copper Clove from Voluspa

Copper Clove Candle

Notes of clove, spice, amber and autumn squash.

The aesthetics of this candle alone is worth purchasing but the scent sounds equally amazing.  I love any scent that has amber notes in it but the autumn squash sounds pretty interesting too. This candle is on my list!!

Visit Voluspa or Candles Off Main


Pumpkin Pound Cake from The Spotted Hog Candles

Spotted Hog Candles

Moist vanilla pound cake blended with the perfect amount of Pumpkin. Customer favorite.

This is a must have for every bakery lover in the Fall. It’s mouthwatering good and a scent I have to have every year on the dot. Trust me… it’s a scent you’ll be tempted to eat.

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Heritage Pumpkin Signature Soy – Target

Heritage Pumpkin Candle

Coconut, pumpkin, cinnamon, coffee.

I can’t end this post without adding at least two affordable priced candles that are easy to find. This candle (Heritage Pumpkin) can be purchased at Target stores across the country and a brand I highly recommend. I have it and it smelled yummy. Review coming…

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Falling Leaves from Sonoma Goods for Life – Kohl’s

Falling Leaves

This SONOMA Goods for Life Falling Leaves candle jar boasts the fragrance of fresh apples, woodland sage and cedarwood.

Have you tried Sonoma candles from Kohl’s yet? They aren’t bad and offer a nice selection that are reasonably priced. I’m getting this one next  time I’m at Kohls. Apples, sage and cedarwood? Oh yes please!!

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And that my candle loving friends completes my list of 11 must have candles for this Fall. I chose a variety of styles and prices to fit all budgets, but most of all, I chose candles that hopefully will smell amazing. We shall see!

Happy candle hunting!

~ Christina… the site for candle lovers!

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