I have been loving all the luxury candles I’ve been burning lately so I became inspired to showcase some of the best fall luxury candles for this season. great luxury candles to burn this fall. Candles that will fill your home with exquisite fragrance and candles that will capture the perfect essence of fall. It’s definitely one of my favorite seasons for weather and fragrance – and luxury brands offer some of the best.

Up first:

Pumpkin Chai – Nest

Pumpkin Chai Nest candle

“A fragrant blend of wild pumpkin, spicy masala chai, cardamon, ginger and cinnamon, Pumpkin Chai brings a cozy, warm and inviting ambiance to any autumn occation or celebration.”

Mmmm! Who can resist spicy pumpkin to warm your home with fragrance? Pumpkin Chai is a favorite of mine to burn all winter long.

This candle can be purchased directly from Nest or Candles Off Main.

Bitter Orange & Cedar – Thymes

Bitter orange and cedar thymes candle

“Zesty Valencia orange. Smoky patchouli. Warm sandalwood. Ceylon cinnamon. Bourbon vanilla.”

This candle is so incredibly striking, the box and the candle so I’m not sure I would even have the heart to burn it.  Thymes creates some of the most amazing fragrances so I can only imagine what this scent smells like. I’m guessing spectacular and one I can’t wait to try.

This candle can be purchased directly from Thymes or Candles Off Main. My favorite site for luxury brands.

Pumpkin Peppercorn – Illume

pumpkin peppercorn illume candles

“From farm to table, this decadent pumpkin is spiced with sweet peppercorn, roasted cinnamon bark and a twist of tangy citrus peel. Underneath the caramelized core is a harvest of earthen oak, molten amber, and black vanilla bean garnished with a touch of smoked chestnut.”

Mmmm! That fragrance sounds AMAZING!! Illume tends to be on the lighter side “aroma wise” but boy do they create some amazing and exquisite fragrances.  Pumpkin Peppercorn is a scent I plan on purchasing to burn this fall and soon. YUM!

Visit Illume

Family Room – LAFTCO

Family room LAFTCO

“The refreshing crispness of Cortland and McIntosh apples mingle with bits of green walnuts and fresh dew-kissed leaves. A bright and dazzling scent, like a bite from a perfectly ripe apple just picked from the tree on a crisp autumn day.”

No fall lineup in complete without an apple fragrance and Cortland Apple sounded amazing! Apples, walnuts with dew kissed leaves? Sign me up!! I burn apple fragrances all fall and winter and this candle is definitely one I’m adding to my lineup.

Visit LAFTCO or purchase this candle from Candles Off Main.

Sexy Cinnamon – Trapp

sexy cinnamon trapp candle

“Sexy Cinnamon has an exciting blending of cinnamon and white grapes.”

No fall lineup is complete without a cinnamon candle so I chose Sexy Cinnamon from Trapp. I’ve never a cinnamon and grape blend but I bet this candle smells amazing.

Visit Trapp or this candle can be purchased at Candles Off Main.

Burnt Amber – D.L. & Co.

burnt amber DL & Co

“This fragrance dazzles with the innocent sweetness of spun sugar, pink jasmine and peach, while burnt amber, tonka and black winter rose gives glimpses into the darker and mysterious soul of this well rounded composition.”

No luxury lineup would be complete without a candle from D.L. & Co. This brand oozes luxury and if you browse there website, you’ll be lost for hours. Burn Amber sounds exquisite and would add  the perfect  touch of sweetness to any room.

Visit D.L & Co.

Suede & Smoke – Delirum


“Suede & Smoke is a smoldering vaporous mingling of tobacco leaves, moss, papaya, lapsangsouchong dark tea and green manda. Reminiscent of sitting in a worn leather chair next to a burning fireplace. Poured in a smoky gray vessel and emblazoned with the Delirium logo.”

This fragrance sounds amazing for fall and a gorgeous man candle to boot. I have never smelled this candle but I want to.

Visit Candle Delirium to purchase this exquisite candle

Ambre Cognac – Diptyque


“A warm and elegant procession of the woods vetiver and patchouli, enhanced with radiant aniseed, insolent spices, mysterious incense, cistus and tonka bean.”

Diptyque is one of Andrea’s favorite luxury brands so I felt compelled to include one of her favorite scents for fall. This fragrance sounds exotic and perfect for fall. Definitely on my list to try.

Visit Diptyque Paris or Candle Delirium to purchase this candle

Mulled Wine – Bijou

Mulled wine bijou candle

“Gather friends and family near as you burn this rich and warm candle. Tangy mandarin orange is spiced with cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, anise and just a hint of musk. Keep it in the dining room as you prepare Thanksgiving supper.”

I have not had the pleasure of trying this fragrance but I will be soon for a fall review. Bijou carries some of the most exquisite luxury candles I have ever seen and they burn beautifully. The vessels can be reused and really are worth keeping.

Visit Bijou

Vanilla Smoke – Aquiesse

vanilla smoke aquiesse candle

“A combination of warm vanilla, jasmine, nutmeg, red fruits, warm woods & amber.”

For me, a vanilla candle is a must have to burn during fall and Vanilla Smoke from Aquiesse sounds perfect.  This is a brand I plan on indulging in a lot more.

Visit Aquiesse or Candles off Main to purchase this candle.


And that candle lovers completes our suggestions for the 10 best luxury candles to burn this fall.

Yes, luxury brands can be expensive but boy are they worth it sometimes for a treat and a pampering indulgence. Something we all should indulge in every once in awhile. Why not this fall?

Happy candle hunting!

~ Christina

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