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Make a Candlescape!

candlescape - how to create one


Tips for making a decorative candlescape:

Buy 3 or more candles and place them on a decorative candle plate as a grouping.  When creating a candlescape, stick with the same color for all of your candles, or use different shades of one color, as seen in the photo to the left. Or, if you have already have a set color scheme you use to decorate your home, use those colors for candles.Use candles that vary in shape, height, width and texture. To add a rustic touch, fill the remaining exposed surface of the candle plate with natural colored stones or sand. (Decorative stones and sand can be purchased in a craft store or a home and garden center).As you can see, candlescapes are very easy to create and look great even when they aren’t lit. Candlescapes are perfect for the center of your coffee table or as a centerpiece for your dinner table.

Do you have a candle decorating tip that you’d like to share? Please contact us with your tip so we can add it to our candle decorating section.



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