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Rules for Posting on the Candle Review Board...

Rules for Posting on the Candle Review Board...

When posting a candle review on the board, please abide by the rules listed below.
If you accidentally or purposefully break one of our rules, we have the right to edit
your review in any way we see fit, at anytime without prior notice to you. We also
reserve the right to completely delete any reviews we feel do not fit in with the rules
stated below. And finally, we at Candle Find reserve the right to change any Board
rules and policies at anytime without prior notice.

Want to Add a Review of a Candle or a Candle Company
You don't Like? Please Follow the Guidelines Below...

If you're not satisfied with your candles or the customer service
you've received from a candle company, we at CandleFind suggest you contact the
company with your concerns before you post a negative review on the board.

Almost every candle company we've spoken to tells us they are willing to do just
about anything to make their customers happy. If you contact the candle company
with your concerns regarding a negative experience you've had with their candles,
the company will most likely make an effort to resolve the issue you're having.

If you've contact the candle company and they do not help you resolve the issue
you're having with their candles, you may go ahead and post a review to express
your dissapproval. When posting your negative review though, please do not bash
the company in a rude manner. We encourage you to share your ideas on how you
think the company can improve their candles or service.

Instead of just saying, "I hate these candles," or "I hate their service," please give
constructive cristicism to the company. A lot of people who work or make candles for
the candle companies that are reviewed on this board, visit the board often to read
customer reviews of their company. Let's make this a friendly place where our reviews
can be seen as helpful to those that work very hard on their businesses and who are
always looking for ways to improve their products.

More Rules for the Candle Review Board...

Please do NOT try to sign up with 2 member names in order to add more reviews.
This is NOT allowed and we will find out. We will delete your username is you do this.
Sorry, we don't want dishonest users on our board.

Please do not post a negative review if you are dissatisfied with a companies policy
since that was their policy before you even purchased their candles. Any such posts
will be deleted.

Please do not use the name "Candlefind" as a formal threat to candle companies to
attempt to gain satisfaction such as threatening to post a formal review if they do not
meet your demands because you didn't care for a scent or you don't agree with their
store policy. Every nose is different and candle or fragrances cannot please every nose.

If you post a negative review and you do not actively participate on the board, your
post will be deleted within 20 days from the day of your post.

Please be nice! We do NOT allow any comments that can be perceived as obscene,
vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful or threatening.

No curse words allowed including $!#$#! and #$$#! :-)
Please do NOT post your reviews in all capitals....LIKE THIS! IT IS HARD TO READ.

CandleFind's Disclaimer:
The opinions and messages expressed on's review board do NOT
represent the opinions of CandleFind, but the reviewers themselves. This is a public
forum, therefore CandleFind can not be held responsible for the opinions of board
members, for the quality of candles from companies that are listed on the board or
for any actions candle companies may take based on reviews. Board users should
use their best judgement when deciding to purchase candles based off of member
reviews. Personal information that we gather from registered users, like email
addresses, are NOT shared with candle companies for the privacy of our members.

Need help writing a candle review for the board? Click here for tips!

CandleFind has the right to change or alter our rules even if this page does not reflect those changes.

Beckett Media, LLC

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